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2017The synthesis of bimane constrained peptides and their fluorescent and structural propertiesHorsfall, Aimee Jade
2017The philosophy of psychedelic transformationLetheby, Christopher Edward Ross
2017Globalisation and the regulation of professional baseball: a search for labour mobility?Nichol, Matthew
2017Rock strength and deformability characterisation and assessment for drilling performance estimationMunoz Principe, Henry Edinson
2017Dynamic analysis of steel confined concrete tubular columns against blast loadsZhang, Fangrui
2017Essays on slavery, intergenerational mobility and the persistence of distrust and inequalityCharles, Jacky Sharon
2017Nanoengineered titanium as protein-releasing implants: a molecular adjunct to reduce craniofacial surgeryBariana, Manpreet
2017Interplay of structural, dynamical, and electronic properties in doped semiconducting polymer systemsAckling, Sophia
2017Topics in equivariant cohomologyKeating Hughes, Luke
2017Strategic analysis of bureaucratic corruptionHu, Lin
2017The role of α-synuclein in the pathology of murine mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIASoe, Kyaw Kyaw
2017A dynamic equilibrium: doctors and patients in seventeenth-century EnglandConnolly, Elizabeth Anne
2017You can’t be a feminist and be a daughter-in-law: negotiations of honour and womanhood in urban NepalHoman, Sarah Faye Eliza
2017Narrative recall in an investigative interview: insight into witness metacognitionFontaine, Elizabeth Leonora
2017On the relationship between microstructure mechanical properties and weld metal hydrogen assisted cold crackingCostin, Walter Laszlo
2017Enteral docosahexaenoic acid supplementation to attenuate inflammation in the preterm infantFink, Naomi Hayden
2017The subject of television: a methodology of subject-oriented textual analysisEdwards, Jessica Louise
2017Chinese state-owned enterprises: government departments or (lumbering) free marketeers? : a comparative study of strategic cognitionZhao, Juan
2017Deterrence vivarium: a collection of stories and exegesisGabriel, Matthew
2017Gender vulnerability to climate change and livelihood security in urban slum communities in Accra, GhanaOwusu, Mensah