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2019The colonisation of canola crops by the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L., in southern AustraliaPerry, Kym D.
2019Essays on international trade and firm performanceEdjigu, Habtamu Tesfaye
2018Creative exploration of eclecticism applied to bowed string instruments with special emphasis on cellos: portfolio of original compositions and exegesisRichter, Stephan
2018An economic analysis of dietary diversification in the developing worldChoudhury, Samira
2018Trade remedy: a stumbling block for ASEAN economic integration?Girsang, Aritta Gracia Lily
2018Herbicide resistance in Conyza bonariensis (L.) Cronquist (flaxleaf fleabane) populations from northeast Victoria and its management in mixed farming systemsAves, Charlotte Sarah
2018A Reference Architecture and a Software Platform for Engineering Internet of Things Search EnginesTran, Nguyen Khoi
2018There's always bits of me in the art: an exploration of the artist as cultural and creative worker, social facilitator and meaning makerHowe-Piening, Sandra
2018Preparation and application of new sorptive polymers applied to wine with a focus on removal of 3-isobutyl-2-methoxypyrazineLiang, Chen
2018Clumped planting arrangements can improve the ecological function of revegetated eucalypt woodlandsMcCallum, Kimberly Peta
2018Interactions between cardiac resynchronisation therapy and amelioration of peripheral vascular dysfunction: impact upon outcomesAjaero, Chukwudiebube Nnanna
2018Child contact, domestic violence, and family law in AustraliaRoberts, Donna Celeste
2018Petulant and contrary: approaches by the Permanent Five members of the Security Council to the concept of ‘Threat to the Peace’ under Article 39 of the UN CharterPaige, Tamsin Phillipa
2018Skull Evolution in the Australian Dragon LizardsGray, Jaimi Ann
2018New and Refined Tools and Guidelines to Expand the Scope and Improve the Reproducibility of Palaeomicrobiological ResearchEisenhofer, Raphael A.
2018Metrics and Special Kahler Geometry on the Moduli Spaces of Higgs Bundles and Hitchin SystemsHuang, Zhenxi
2018Remote sensing of clouds with longwave infrared cameras at the Pierre Auger Observatoryvan Bodegom, Patrick
2018Engaging the angst of unemployed youth in post‐industrial Japan: a narrative self‐help approachKido, Rie
2018Damage identification in FRP-retrofitted concrete structures using linear and nonlinear guided wavesMohseni, Hasan
2018Mind your mind: representations of dementia risk prevention in news and digital mediaLawless, Michael