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2019Towards a Unified Theory of Sensor Pattern Noise: An analysis of dark current, lens effects, and temperature bias in CMOS image sensorsMatthews, Richard Henry Edwin
2016Towards an effective integration of ICT in an EFL setting in a Vietnamese higher education contextNgo, Van Giang
2004Towards an estimation framework for some problems in computer vision.Gawley, Darren J.
1991Towards an ideology of urban form : open space in the built environment with particular reference to the arid urban environment in the Middle EastKidess, Charles I.
2010Towards biological control of Pistachio dieback.Salowi, Asmah
1993Towards characterisation of histone H1 gene transcription factors / by Blair Hopwood.Hopwood, Blair
2001Towards cloning the self-incompatibility genes from Phalaris coerulescensBian, Xue-Yu
2001Towards cloning Yd2 : a barley resistance gene to barley yellow dwarf virus / by Brendon James King.King, Brendon James
2018Towards efficient deep neural networks with applications to visual recognitionZhuang, Bohan
2013Towards establishing long-lasting neuroplastic change in the human primary motor cortex.Goldsworthy, Mitchell Ryan
2010Towards gene therapy for cystic fibrosis airway disease: development of single-dose lentiviral gene transfer for lifetime airway expression.Stocker, Alice
2017Towards novel antibiofilm strategiesRichter, Katharina
2003Towards practical sensing strategies for large active noise control systems / Simon G. Hill.Hill, Simon G. (Simon Geoffrey)
2014Towards renormalizable gravity without negative-energy states.Ivancevic, Nicolas Nitya
2008Towards safer and more congruent prison environments for male Aboriginal prisoners: a South Australian study.Grant, Elizabeth Maree
2017Towards sustainability in the Chinese construction industry: a transition approachChang, Ruidong
2017Towards technologies for promoting nutritional health in older people with dementia living in their own homeJayatilaka, Asangi de Silva
2000Towards the measurement of organisational culture / Elizabeth H. Kummerow.Kummerow, Elizabeth H. (Elizabeth Helene)
2011Towards the synthesis of the monoterpene furanoid oxides via the ozonolysis of bicyclic bridged 1,2-Dioxines.Cain, Nicole Marie
2018Towards Understanding the Injury Mechanics and Clinical Outcomes of Traumatic Subaxial Cervical Facet Dislocation and Fracture-DislocationQuarrington, Ryan David