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2017Forgetting properties of finite-state reciprocal processesBruce-Doust, Riley
2014The forked road of narrative in the hero’s journey.Anemogiannis, Con
2004Form and content in mental representationSimms, Mark Roger
2016Formal verification of transactional and configurable service-oriented processesBourne, Scott Stanier
1967Formation and fate of thrombi with particular emphasis on the role of the plateletArdlie, Neville Gordon
1961Formation and properties of optically active schiff basesHuang, Su-Eng
1962The formation and reactions of some organometallic compoundsDickson, Ronald Stanley
1964The formation and swelling of complexes between montmorillonite and some organic compoundsTheng, Benny Kian Goan
2017Formation Control of Localised and Decentralised Robotic SwarmsYu, Hongjun
1964The formation of aromatic hydrocarbons at high temperaturesNovotny, Jaroslav
1959Formation of aromatic hydrocarbons at high temperaturesSpotswood, Thomas McLeod
1959The formation of aromatic hydrocarbons at high temperaturesKimber, Ronald Walter Lincolne
1965The formation of aromatic hydrocarbons at high temperaturesDonnelly, Jillian Kay
1966The formation of aromatic hydrocarbons at high temperatures .Jolad, Shivand Dundappa
1998The formation of hardpans within tailings as possible inhibitors of acid mine drainage, contaminant release and dusting / Mandy K. Agnew.Agnew, Mandy K. (Mandy Kay)
1998Formation of mousy off-flavour in wine by lactic acid bacteria / by Peter James Costello.Costello, Peter James
2006Formation of ovarian follicular fluid.Clarke, Hannah Gabrielle
2013Formation of the Enorama Salt Diapir weld, Flinders Ranges South AustraliaTelfer, D.
2012The formation of the Japanese Art Collection at the Art Gallery of South Australia 1904-1940 : tangible evidence of Bunmei Kaika.Harris, Jennifer Anne
2017Formidable Rivals: Canada, Australia, and the Pursuit of British Agricultural Migrants, 1896-1914MacKenzie, Jill Allison