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2013Frameworks for evaluating and improving simplified hydrologic models for baseflow and rainfall-runoff estimation using distributed physical models.Li, Li
1980Free radical cyclisations / by Tony LawrenceLawrence, Tony
1968Free radical phenomena in irradiated organic crystalsCutten, Dean Robert
2018Free surface flow over bottom topographyKeeler, Jack Samuel
1971The free-radical substitution of ferrocene and the stability of ferrocenylmethyl radical.Vickery, G.G
2000French and Tây Bồi in Vietnam : a study of language policy, practice and perceptionsLove, Susan
1990Frequency hopping techniques for digital mobile radio / Simon C. RockliffRockliff, Simon C. (Simon Charles)
1984Frequency response matching methods for the design of digital control systemsShi, Jianfei
1976Frequency-dependent advantage in wheatTran-Khanh-Phung
1998Frictional resistance between Begg and Tip-Edge brackets and archwiresHo, C. W. Henry
2016Friendship experiences of primary school age girls with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parents’ and teachers’ perspectivesTsirgiotis, Joanna
1986Frogs as predators of organisms of aquatic origin in the Magela Creek system, Northern TerritoryCappo, Michael
2019From Community Artist to Leadership BricoleurPhilip-Harbutt, Lisa Jane
2006From conception to realisation : instrumentation and recording quality in creative music making for the jazz multi-instrumentalistBevan, Andrew
1985From cults to Christianity : continuity and change in Takuru / by Jeffrey L. ClarkClark, Jeffrey L. (Jeffrey Lawrence)
1993From death and dystopia to a new space age : an analysis of themes and practices in the later works of William S. Burroughs / by Julia OakleyOakley, Julia
2001From egocity to ecocity : an ecological, complex systems approach to humans and their settlements / by Vanda Barbara Rounsefell.Rounsefell, Vanda Barbara
2015From Greenschist to Granulite: a mineral equilibria approach to melting and melt lossBockmann, K. L.
2015From Hippocrates to Hallé: a history of public health from antiquity to the French Revolution.Phillips, Beverly
2001From intimate chromosome associations to wild sex in wheat (Triticum Aestivum) / by Ryan Whitford.Whitford, Ryan