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2015A psychological approach to understanding and resisting the influence of advertising from the pharmaceutical industry.Ong, Brennan
2010Aberrant DNA methylation in oesophageal cancer and Barrett’s oesophagus.Smith, Eric
1967An aberrant group of trilobites from the lower Cambrian of South Australia : systematics, functional morphology, segmentation and growthPocock, Kenneth John
1991Aboriginal agency, institutionalisation and survival / Peggy BrockBrock, Peggy, 1948-
1999Aboriginal housing in remote South Australia : an overview of housing at Oak Valley, Maralinga Tjarutja LandsGrant, Elizabeth Maree
1970Aboriginal infant and toddler mortality and morbidity in Central Australia, 1965-1969Kirke, David Kerry
1983Aboriginal land rights in Port AugustaJacobs, Jane M.
2001Aboriginal women's autobiographical narratives and the politics of collaboration / Jennifer Anne Jones.Jones, Jennifer A. (Jennifer Anne)
1976The Aborigines' Friends' Association and the Ngarrindjeri peopleJenkin, Graham
2013Abortion, homosexuality and the slippery slope: legislating 'moral' behaviour in South Australia.Parker, Clare Margaret
1986The absorption of calcium and its incorporation into bone during corticosteroid therapy / Allan Geoffrey NeedNeed, Allan Geoffrey
1969Absorption of ultraviolet radiation by molecular hydrogen and oxygenFarmer, Anthony John Douglas
1998Abused elder or abused older woman : the social support needs of the older woman leaving a violent relationshipNinnes, Patricia
2008Acacia saligna as a sustainable agroforestry crop for southern Australia: a genetic assessment.Millar, Melissa Ann
2012Acacia victoriae and its association with sugary-exudate producing herbivorous insects and trailing dominant ants in semi-arid Australia.Weichel, Nyree
2007Academic qualification acceptability and authenticity : a comparative risk assessment of approaches employed by the recruitment and higher education sectors of Australia.Brown, George Maxwell
2018Academic staff mobility and migration: Ex-USSR academic migrants in South Australian higher educationMorozov, Anna
2004Accelerating control : an ethnographic account of the impact of micro-economic reform on the work of health professionals / Eileen Mary Willis.Willis, Eileen
2013The accessibility of Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs in rural and remote Australia.van Gaans, Deborah Anne
2003Accommodating the Chinese: the American hospital in China, 1880-1920 / Michelle Campbell Renshaw.Renshaw, Michelle Campbell