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2010(E)merging idioms: integrating jazz and classical ensembles.Aué, Johannes
1969E.S.R. spectra of Mn²⁺ in powdersDobney, Philip Thomas
1985The early control region of temperate coliphage 186 : sequence and transcription studies / Bill KalionisKalionis, Bill
2003Early diagnosis and detection of Eutypa dieback of grapevines.Lardner, Richard
1998Early events in the replication cycle of human immunodeficiency virus / Tuck Weng Kok.Kok, Tuckweng
2016Early life behaviour and sensory ecology of predatory fish under climate change and ocean acidificationPistevos, Jennifer Chryseis Alcestis
2015Early life determinants of Beta-cell function in the sheepSulaiman, Siti Aishah
2007Early life origins of the insulin resistance syndrome in the aged guinea pig.Thavaneswaran, Prema
2005Early life stages of the southern sea garfish, Hyporhamphus Melanochir (Valenciennes 1846), and their association with seagrass beds.Noell, Craig J.
2015The early origins of obesity: the importance of prenatal vs postnatal environment.Vithayathil, Mini Aprem
2016Early parental responsiveness in relation to child language development: a systematic review and conceptual frameworkSaliba, Melissa
1984Early to middle Proterozoic granitoids, basaltic dykes and associated layered rocks of S.E. Eyre Peninsula, South Australia / by Graham E. MortimerMortimer, Graham E. (Graham Ernest)
1999Early vigour : its role in enhancing the productivity of wheat grown in South Australia / David Sloane.Sloane, David
2011Earth jurisprudence: private property and earth community.Burdon, Peter D.
1996Earthquake response of reinforced concrete frames with masonry infill panelsMalinova, Rouska Gueorguieva
2014Earthship architecture: post occupancy evaluation, thermal performance & life cycle assessment.Freney, Martin Howard Priestman
1958Earthworm populations found near Adelaide, and their influence on the fertility of the soilBarley, Keith P.
1988Earthworms and their tunnels in relation to soil physical properties / Blair Malcolm MckenzieMcKenzie, Blair Malcolm
2004Eating lollyHosking, Corinna
1982Eating patterns of Adelaide children entering secondary schools and their utilization of school canteensEvans, Margaret Aline