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1999H-reflex in human masseter / by Sheila Doreen Scutter.Scutter, Sheila Doreen
2017Habitat Connectivity and Quality Alter Population Growth and Community Structure of Marine CrustaceansHeldt, Katherine Ann
2016Habitat reconstruction guidelines for woodland birds: a detailed, focussed, bird-orientated approachAllan, Joel Richard
2010Habits, hassle, and health: how do blood donors respond to a temporary deferral due to low haemoglobin?Hillgrove, Tessa
2018Hadron structure and the Feynman-Hellmann theorem in lattice quantum chromodynamicsChambers, Alexander John
2013Hadron structure in deep inelastic scattering.Casey, Andrew
2014Hadron structure in electroweak precision measurements.Hall, Nathan Luke
2015Hadrons and quarks in dense matter: from nuclear matter to neutron starsWhittenbury, Daniel Leslie
1994Haemagglutinins of vibrio cholerae 01 : studies on the organisation of the genes encoding the mannose-fucose-resistant haemagglutinin (MFRHA) / Andrew Barker.Barker, Andrew, 1964-
1988Haemagglutinins of Vibrio cholerae : molecular characterization of the mannose-fucose resistant haemagglutinin (MFRHA) / Vicki L. FranzonFranzon, Vicki L.
1972The haemolysins of Chironex fleckeri and Chiropsalmus quadrigatusKeen, Thomas Edward Baldwin
2016Haemophilus influenzae survival and biofilm formation in a complex physical, chemical and multi-species environmentTikhomirova, Alexandra
2004Haemopoiesis, leukaemia & imatinib: c-fms, a novel target for small molecule inhibitor therapy.Dewar, Andrea L.
2012Haemostasis and wound healing following endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery.Valentine, Rowan
2018Haemostasis in endoscopic skull base surgeryJukes, Alistair Kenneth
1992Hammerhead mediated self-cleavage of plant pathogenic RNAs / by Candice Claire Sheldon.Sheldon, Candice Claire
2011Hand conditions associated with diabetes: an observational study characterising hand function.Redmond, Christine Lorraine
1999Handover characteristics and handover performance in digital mobile systems / Dohun Kwon.Kwon, Dohun
1985The Hangzhou incident of 1975 : the impact of factionalism on a Chinese provincial administrationForster, Keith
2001Hannah Arendt and her Augustinian inheritance : love, temporality, and judgement / by Chris White.White, Christopher H.