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2010"I can’t be green if I’m in the red": combining precision agriculture and remote sensing technologies for sub field and regional decision making.Lyle, Gregory Maxwell
2016“I Don’t Need Advice or Lectures” A Discursive Psychological Analysis of Men’s Posts in an Online Discussion Forum for DepressionDrioli-Phillips, Phoebe
2009I dream of Magda.Lashchuk, Stefan
2014‘I know the difference it has made in people’s lives’: Perceptions of Rural South Australian Nurses Extending Their Role to Administer Chemotherapy.Alnasser, Qasem
2006"I never used to read" : patterns of talk in regulative and instructional discourse : a systemic functional approach to analysing a literacy difficulty: a case study with S.Mackey, Dorothy Faye
2005I sing, therefore I am : a discursive investigation of work, performance and identity / Gemma Munro.Munro, Gemma Louise
2001I've had a good life - I can't complain : a description of cognitive, physiological and environmental effects on discourse behaviour with ageing and an analysis of discursive representations of normal ageing / by Carol Gibson.Gibson, Carol, (Carol Margaret).
2010IB or SACE?: An investigation into student course choice at the senior secondary level in an Adelaide school.Coleman, Meredith
2018IceCube's neutrinos: galactic or extra-galactic?Atkins, Natasha Jade
1972Ideas of form in aesthetics and science in England in the nineteenth centuryRidgway, Margaret Lesley Christina
2007Identification and analysis of genes involved in cotton fibre initiation.Humphries, John A.
2010Identification and analysis of the two tau paralogues in Zebrafish.Chen, Mengqi
2014Identification and annotation of recombinant repeats in mammals indicates they are experimental products for creating novel transposable element families.Lim, Sim Lin
2012Identification and characterisation of a novel glutenin subunit in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).Gao, Xin
2007Identification and characterisation of cotton boll wall-specific promoters.Lightfoot, Damien James
1996Identification and characterisation of early meiotic genes in wheat / by Jocelyne Letarte.Letarte, Jocelyne
2009Identification and characterisation of endoglycosidase activities towards dermatan sulphate by tandem mass spectrometry.Nielsen, Timothy Clement
2016Identification and characterisation of genetic lesions that predispose to and gene expression patterns that contribute to Myeloid malignanciesVenugopal, Parvathy
2016Identification and characterisation of novel substrates and binding partners of the asparaginyl hydroxylase, FIHHampton-Smith, Rachel Jane
2011Identification and characterisation of novel transcripts involved in the proliferation, differentiation and developmental networks of the mouse cerebral cortex.Ling, King Hwa