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1997Oak wood contribution to wine aroma / Philip John Spillman.Spillman, Philip John
2013Obesity and atrial electrical and mechanical remodeling: implications for atrial fibrillation.Abed, Hany Samy
2010Obesity effects on lung volume, transdiaphragmatic pressure, upper airway dilator and inspiratory pump muscle activity in obstructive sleep apnoea.Stadler, Daniel Lajos
2013Obesity induced dysfunction of gastric vagal afferent signalling.Kentish, Stephen James
2010Obesity, place and environment: the spatial distribution and correlates of weight status in South Australian preschool children.Franzon, Julie
2006Object - oriented ecosystem modelling : a case study : SALMO - OOZhang, Byron He
1982Object identification, using low-frequency passive transponders in impulsive noise environments / by Ashim Kumar RoyRoy, Ashim Kumar
1997Object-oriented simulation of chemical and biochemical processes / Damien Hocking.Hocking, Damien
1977An objectivist account of moralsNesbitt, Winston Leonard Spencer
2011Objects of Desire: a collection of short stories.Taylor, Reginald John
2015Obligation and compromise: Aboriginal maternal infant care workers successes, challenges and partnerships.Kirkham, Renae
1997The observation of evolutionary trends in amphibians and the analysis of negative ion fragmentations in large peptide systems by mass spectrometry / by Simon Todd SteinbornerSteinborner, Simon Todd
1983Observations of the medium energy cosmic ray flux / by Peter Ronald GerhardyGerhardy, Peter Ronald
1950Observations on the pathology of poliomyelitis and on the immunolgical behaviour of herpes febrilis virus : with additional papers on pathologyFowler, Malcolm Charles
1988Observations on the sodium airglow / P.A. GreetGreet, P. A. (Penelope A.)
2014Obstacles to the take-up of mental health care provision by adult males in rural and remote areas of Australia: a systematic review thesisStroud, Peter Charles
2016Occupational exposure to organophosphorus pesticides: exploratory case studies of factors influencing glove performance and skin penetrationIsmail, Ismaniza
1984The occurence and `in vivo` activity of tissue collagenase in inflamed human gingivae / Christopher Mark OverallOverall, Christopher Mark
1983The occurence and metabolism of melatonin / by A.J. FellenbergFellenberg, A. J. (Alan J.)
1970The occurence, biosynthesis and metabolism of the oestrogens in the ovine foeto-placental unitFindlay, Jock K.