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2010U-Pb detrital zircon, geochemical and Nd isotope constraints on sedimentary provenance of the Chewings Range Quartzite, Warumpi Province, Arunta Region, NTTrestrail, J. L.
1967Ulltraviolet absorption cross-sections for atmospheric gasesHaddad, Gerald Neil
2009Ultra-high energy particle detection with the lunar Cherenkov technique.James, Clancy William
1971An ultracentrifuge study of self-associating protein systemsFennell, David John
2015Ultrafast spectroscopy and drug delivery of the medicinal pigment curcumin in molecular assemblies.Harada, Takaaki
2015Ultrahigh temperature metamorphism: testing models for collision vs extensionGreenslade, M. M.
1955Ultrasonic degradation of vinyl polymers / by H.W.W. Brett.Brett, Horace William Walter; Jellinek, Hans Helmut Gunter
1974An ultrasonic image-forming system for ionospheric studies / by N.E HolmesHolmes, Nigel Eric
1984Ultrastructural and immunochemical studies of elastin-associated microfibrils / by Ian W. ProsserProsser, Ian W. (Ian William)
1994Ultrastructural localization and quantitation of basal lamina laminin and type IV collagen in normal rat tongue mucosa and induced oral carcinomas / De-Jun Jiang.Jiang, De-Jun
1973Ultraviolet aurora and airglowO'Conner, Graham Geoffrey
2008Ultraviolet disinfection kinetics for potable water production.Amos, Steve A.
2011The (UN) critical school teacher: three lessons about teacher engagement work with marginalised students in neoliberal times.Bills, Andrew Maynard.
2006Uncertainty analysis methods for multi-criteria decision analysis.Hyde, Kylie Marie
2013Uncertainty reduction in reservoir characterisation through inverse modelling of dynamic data: an evolutionary computation approach.Sayyafzadeh, Mohammad
1999Uncommon lives : an ethnography of schizophrenia as extraordinary experience / Rod Lucas.Lucas, R. H.
2013The unconventional petroleum potential of the Officer Basin, AustraliaRevie, Daniel J.
2015Uncover: MT transect across the western Gawler Craton and Eucla BasinCox, B.
1999Uncovering maternal alienation : a further dimension of violence against womenMorris, Anne
2013[Uncovering the critical roles of magnesium and substance P in central nervous system injury].Vink, Robert