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2016Improved evolutionary algorithm optimisation of water distribution systems using domain knowledgeBi, Weiwei
2017Photoswitchable sensors: reversible ion detection using optical fibresStubing, Daniel Brian
2017An investigation into the effect of grapevine age on vine performance, grape and wine composition, sensory evaluation and epigenetic characterisationGrigg, Dylan Paul
2016Development of an integrated stochastic model for the evaluation of the impact of microscopic extension on tumour clonogen survival in heterogeneous hypoxic Glioblastoma MultiformeMoghaddasi, Leyla
2017Prediction of breakdown pressures and fracture propagation surfaces in a rock material subjected to hydraulic fracturing using intact specimens and specimens with a replicated crackSchwartzkopff, Adam Karl
2016Molecular and structural characterization of the candidate enzymes responsible for tartaric acid synthesis in the grapevineJia, Yong
2016Epigenetic regulation of histone three lysine twenty seven tri methylation dictates mesenchymal stem cell lineage commitment, lifespan and murine skeletal developmentHemming, Sarah Elizabeth
2016Characterisation and management of herbicide resistance in barley grass (Hordeum glaucum Steud.)Shergill, Lovreet Singh
2017Spectral finite element modelling and damage identification of beam-like structures using linear and nonlinear guided wavesHe, Shuai
2017A principles-based approach to ACT with self-forgiveness: new approaches to flexible livingDewar, Grant Malcolm