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Type: Other
Title: Data mapping tables
Author: Thomas, Steve (Stephen George Anthony)
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2006
Abstract: Mapping tables for various codes as part of the migration of data to the Voyager ILMS. Includes Hold/recall information, Item status codes, Item type codes, Location/Item type combined, Order/Location, Patron status codes and Patron type codes. Maps from Dynix code to new Voyager codes.
Keywords: ILMS
Voyager Library System
Data migration
Migration documents
Description: 7 Excel spreadsheets
Appears in Collections:Internal documents (Library staff only)

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Hold/Recall load data14.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
  Restricted Access
Item status codes23.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
  Restricted Access
Item type codes20.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
  Restricted Access
Location & item type combinations205 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
  Restricted Access
Order/Location data52 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
  Restricted Access
Patron status codes24 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
  Restricted Access
Patron type codes17.5 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open

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