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Type: Journal article
Title: Recent cases
Citation: Adelaide Law Review, v.1 (April 1960):69-99
Publisher: Adelaide Law Review Association, School of Law, University of Adelaide
Issue Date: 1960
ISSN: 0065-1915
Contents: Brown v. The Queen (Insanity) The M'Naughten Rules: The High Court and Uncontrollable Impulse pp. 69 - 74. Cameron v. Nottingham Insurance Co. Ltd. (Causation) Loss of Consortium and Child, Family Re-arrangement pp. 75 - 78. Fry v. Russo; Ridland v. Dyson. (Australian Constitutional Law) Section 92: What is Essential to Interstate Trade and Commerce pp. 78 - 83. Arlesheim v. Werner (Contract Penalty Clauses) Principles to Apply in Determining Validity pp. 83 - 84. R. v. Bailey (Evidence) Admissibility of Confessions - Judges' Rules pp. 85 - 87. Corlevich v. Corlevich (Private International Law) Jurisdiction in Nullity Suits - Choice of Law pp. 87 - 88. Ex Parte Tenuta (Commonwealth Immigration Act) Meaning of Offence Punishable by Imprisonment for One Year pp. 88 - 90. Drozd v. Vaskas (Business Agent's Act) Rights of Purchaser under S. 39 pp. 91 - 93. Piro v. Boorman (Health Act) Suffer to Inhabit or Occupy - Relation to Landlord and Tenant Act pp. 93 - 95. R. v. Mills, Ex parte Edwards (Justices Act) Procedure: Change of Plea not Permitted by Section 106a pp. 96 - 97. Wallace v. Hansberry (Police Offences Act) Police Offences Act, 1953 - 1957, s. 41: Elements of Offence of Unlawful Possession pp. 97 - 99.
Keywords: Case law
Appears in Collections:ALR Vol 1, Noes 1-3, 1960-1962

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