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Type: Journal article
Title: Recent cases
Citation: Adelaide Law Review, 1964; 2(2):237-262
Publisher: Adelaide Law Review Association, School of Law, University of Adelaide
Issue Date: 1964
ISSN: 0065-1915
Contents: Painter v. Painter (Matrimonial Causes) pp. 237-242. General Distributors Ltd. v. Paramotors Limited (Mercantile Law) Unauthorised disposition by non-owner - Agency - Parol Evidence Rule - Hire Purchase Agreements Act pp. 242-252. Atkins v. Golding (Ultra vires) Statutory interpretation - prohibition as distinct from regulation pp. 252-256. Wilson v. O'Sullivan and Mills v. Brebner (Police Offences Act) Loitering pp. 256-258. Lamshed v. Lamshed (Laches) Delay after issue of writ pp. 258-262
Appears in Collections:ALR Vol. 2, Noes 1-3, 1963-1966

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