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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Opportunity recognition attitudes of nascent indigenous entrepreneursLindsay, N.; Lindsay, W.; Jordaan, A.; Hindle, K.
2006Entrepreneurial Participation in Australia in 2005: A Summary of Salient Data from the 2005 GEM Australia National Adult Population SurveyHindle, Kevin; O'Connor, Allan
2006Entrepreneurial motivation in Australia in 2005: A summary of salient data from the 2005 GEM Australia National Adult Population SurveyO'Connor, Allan; Hindle, Kevin
2006Developing a new business model for enabling research - the case of the ACPFG in AustraliaAgius, S.; Corkindale, D.; Dottore, A.; Gilbert, M.
2006Entrepreneurial, market, and learning orientations and international entrepreneurial business venture performance in South African firmsKropp, F.; Lindsay, N.; Shoham, A.
2006Are We Fostering The Skills of our Future Entrepreneurs? A Study of Young People in Education in the Outer East of MelbourneLangworthy, L.; Mawson, F.; O'Connor, A.; International Council for Small Business World Conference (51st : 2006 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2006Multinational corporations and corporate social responsibility in transition economiesKamineni, R.; Tsang, K.; ANZMAC 2006 Conference (04 Dec 2006 - 06 Dec 2006 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2006Process management: a vital cog in the value chain wheelKamineni, P.; Kamineni, R.
2006Qantas: the spirit of AustraliaKamineni, R.
2006Empowering entrepreneurship through foresight and innovation : developing a theoretical framework for empowerment in enterprise programsO'Connor, A.; Ramos, J.