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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Combined scheduling and capacity planning of electricity-based ammonia production to integrate renewable energiesSchulte Beerbühl, S.; Fröhling, M.; Schultmann, F.
2017Biomass value chain design: A case study of the Upper Rhine RegionRudi, A.; Müller, A.-.K.; Fröhling, M.; Schultmann, F.
2018Collaborative emergency supply chains for essential goods and servicesWiens, M.; Schätter, F.; Zobel, C.; Schultmann, F.
2018Deconstruction project planning of existing buildings based on automated acquisition and reconstruction of building informationVolk, R.; Luu, T.; Mueller-Roemer, J.; Sevilmis, N.; Schultmann, F.
2017Considering risks in early stage investment planning for emission abatement technologies in large combustion plantsMayer, C.; Breun, P.; Schultmann, F.
2009Identifying and managing uncertainty and emergenceIreland, V.
2002Knowledge Management in the Classroom: Teaching and Learning in Real TimeDottore, A.; Annual Teaching Economics Conference (9th : 2002 : Brisbane, Australia)
2008Business model and product market strategy in Australian biotechnology entrepreneurial firms: exploratory studyDottore, A.; Agius, S.; Corkindale, D.; Annual Conference of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1st : 2008 : Beijing, China)
2010Understanding demand for innovation in the food industryMuscio, A.; Nardone, G.; Dottore, A.
2012Gender moderating effects on entrepreneurial attitude, intention, and start-up behaviour in nascent entrepreneursLindsay, N.; Lindsay, W.; International ACERE DIANA Entrepreneurship Conference (2012 : Fremantle, Western Australia)