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2003Marketing of religion in cyberspaceKale, S.; Kamineni, R.; ANZMAC 2003 Conference (01 Dec 2003 - 03 Dec 2003 : Adelaide, SA)
2004Spirituality and consumer behavior : concept and consequencesKale, S.; Kamineni, R.; Munuera-Aleman, J.; 33rd EMAC Conference (18 May 2004 - 21 May 2004 : Murcia, Spain)
2003Are consumer perceptions of a brand effected by materialism, gender and nationality?Kamineni, R.; ANZMAC 2003 Conference (01 Dec 2003 - 03 Dec 2003 : Adelaide, SA)
2002Bridging the entrepreneur educational and training gap in growing market sectors: a review of the IT industry in IndiaKamineni, R.; Craig, J.; Lindsay, N.; 11th Global IntEnt 2001 Conference (02 Jul 2001 - 04 Jul 2001 : Kruger, South Africa)
2015Combined scheduling and capacity planning of electricity-based ammonia production to integrate renewable energiesSchulte Beerbühl, S.; Fröhling, M.; Schultmann, F.
2014How product, operations, and marketing sources of ideas influence innovation and entrepreneurial performance in australian SMEsCorral de Zubielqui, G.; Lindsay, N.J.; O'Connor, A.
2017Biomass value chain design: A case study of the Upper Rhine RegionRudi, A.; Müller, A.-.K.; Fröhling, M.; Schultmann, F.
2005Localisation as a product strategy for transition economies in Asia: cases from China and IndiaKamineni, R.; ANZMAC 2005 Conference (05 Dec 2005 - 07 Dec 2005 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
2002Who is an entrepreneur? A reviewKamineni, R.
2004Web based shopping: The evolution and global implications: An exploratory analysis from a consumer behavioural view pointKamineni, R.