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2018Academic persona: the construction of online reputation in the modern academyMarshall, P.; Barbour, K.; Moore, C.
2018Celebrity chefs, consumption politics and food labelling: Exploring the contradictionsPhillipov, M.; Gale, F.
2017Emotion and secrecy in Australian asylum-seeker comics: the politics of visual styleHumphrey, A.
2017Minorities and media: producers, industries, audiencesBudarick, J.; Han, G.
2017From marginalisation to a 'voice of our own': African media in AustraliaBudarick, J.
2017Five dimensions of online personaMoore, C.; Barbour, K.; Lee, K.
2017Data retention, journalist freedoms and whistleblowersHumphreys, S.; de Zwart, M.
2017Ethnic minority media and the public sphere: the case of African-Australian media producersBudarick, J.
2017The celebrification of farmers: celebrity and the new politics of farmingPhillipov, M.; Goodman, M.
2016Performing the networks of domestic and public personaMoore, C.; Barbour, K.
2016Chinese films and the sense of place: Beijing as 'Thirdspace' from In the Heat of the Sun to Mr SixZou, H.; Pugsley, P.
2016Making publics, making placesGriffiths, M.; Barbour, K.
2016Picturing placelessness: Online graphic narratives and Australia's refugee detention centresHumphrey, A.
2016Public audiencing: Using Twitter to study audience engagement with characters and actorsBarbour, K.
2016Tracing the global themes of media and migration Radha S. Hegde. 2016, Mediating Migration, Cambridge: Polity Press. ISBN 9780745646329. RRP AU$37.95 (pb)Budarick, J.
2016Making publics, making placesGriffiths, M.; Barbour, K.
2016Rajinikanth and Brando: carnivalesque performances of two aging superstarsPugsley, P.; McCann, B.; Pongiyannan, D.
2016The elasticity of the public sphere: Expansion, contraction and 'other' mediaBudarick, J.
2016'Useful' civic hacking for environmental sustainability: knowledge transfer and the International Space Apps ChallengeRai, S.; Griffiths, O.
2016'Imagine if our cities talked to us': Questions about the making of 'responsive' places and urban publicsGriffiths, O.