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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A Connectionist theory of phenomenal experienceO'Brien, G.; Opie, J.
2003A critique of Langsam's The 'Theory of Appearing Defended'Djukic, D.; Popescu, V.
1999A Defense of Cartesian MaterialismO'Brien, G.; Opie, J.
2006A neurocomputational model of delusionGerrans, P.; Manzotti, R.; International ICSC Symposium. BICS 06 (2006 : Molyvos [Mithymna] Island of Lesvos, Greece)
2002A one-stage explanation of the Cotard delusionGerrans, P.
2015A schizophrenic defense of a vehicle theory of consciousnessO'Brien, G.; Opie, J.; Gennaro, R.
2008A theory of virtue : excellence in being for the goodCullity, G.
2015Acts, omissions, emissionsCullity, G.; Moss, J.
2010Adelaide, University ofMortensen, C.; Nerlich, G.
2011Aesthetic Autonomy and Praxis: art and language in Adorno and HabermasMcMahon, J.
2011Aesthetic autonomy: tracing the Kantian legacy to Olafur EliassonMcMahon, J.; European Society for Aesthetics Conference (2011 : Grenoble, France)
2021“Aesthetic Ideas”: mystery and meaning in the early work of Barrie KoskyMcMahon, J.; Severn, J.R.; Phillips, J.
2007Aesthetic reflection and the very possibility of artMcMahon, J.; Ian North
2012Aesthetics and film. By Katherine Thomson-JonesMcMahon, J.
2007Aesthetics and material beauty - Aesthetics naturalizedMcMahon, J.
2006Aesthetics and Rock Art.McMahon, J.
2015Aesthetics is the grammar of desireMcMahon, J.A.
2004Agency and policyCullity, G.; Gerrans, P.
2013Aid, Ethics ofCullity, G.M.; LaFollette, H.
2006An analysis of inconsistent and incomplete Necker cubesMortensen, C.