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Type: Journal article
Title: The effects of drinks made from simple sugars on blood pressure in healthy older people
Author: Visvanathan, R.
Chen, R.
Garcia, M.
Horowitz, M.
Chapman, I.
Citation: British Journal of Nutrition, 2005; 93(5):575-579
Publisher: C A B I Publishing
Issue Date: 2005
ISSN: 0007-1145
Statement of
R. Visvanathan, R. Chen, M. Garcia, M. Horowitz and I. Chapman
Abstract: The objective of the research was to determine the blood pressure (BP) lowering effects in older people of 50 g carbohydrate drinks with varying carbohydrate content using a randomised, cross-over study with ten (six females) healthy older subjects (mean age 72·20 (SEM 1·50) years). BP, heart rate and glucometer-derived blood glucose levels were determined at baseline and following the ingestion of equal volumes (300 ml) of water and carbohydrate drinks with varying nutrient content (glucose, sucrose and fructose). A significant decline in BP over the first 60 min was seen following glucose (systolic BP (SBP) P,0·01, diastolic BP (DBP) P,0·01, mean arterial BP (MAP) P¼0·03) and sucrose (SBP P,0·01, DBP P,0·01, MAP P,0·01) ingestion, although the decrease occurred earlier after glucose than sucrose ingestion (SBP 7·33 (SEM 2·19) v. 21·00 (SEM 4·30) min (P¼0·03) and MAP 11·22 (SEM 3·10) v. 17·00 (SEM 3·78) min (P¼0·03)). BP increased after water ingestion (SBP P¼0·04, DBP P¼0·18, MAP P¼0·02) but did not change after fructose ingestion (SBP P¼0·36, DBP P¼0·81, MAP P¼0·34). Post hoc analyses revealed that the BP (SBP, DBP and MAP) decrease following glucose and sucrose ingestion were similar but significantly greater than following fructose or water ingestion. Sucrose, which is used widely (table sugar), reduces BP as much as glucose. In contrast to this, fructose ingestion causes no change in BP. Further studies are required to determine if the substitution of glucose or sucrose with fructose may be beneficial in the medical management of older people with severe symptomatic postprandial hypotension.
Keywords: Glucose; Sucrose; Fructose; Postprandial hypotension; Elderly
Provenance: Published online by Cambridge University Press 08 Mar 2007
Rights: © The Authors 2005
RMID: 0020050713
DOI: 10.1079/BJN20051401
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