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dc.contributor.authorMcDonald, C.-
dc.contributor.authorTaggart, D.-
dc.contributor.authorBreed, W.-
dc.contributor.authorDruery, G.-
dc.contributor.authorShimmin, G.-
dc.contributor.authorFinlayson, G.-
dc.contributor.authorParis, M.-
dc.identifier.citationReproduction Fertility and Development, 2006; 18(4):477-484-
dc.descriptionCopyright © CSIRO 2006-
dc.description.abstractThe effect of the exogenous administration of porcine follicle-stimulating hormone (pFSH) and pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) on ovarian follicular development and oocyte maturation in the southern hairy nosed wombat Lasiorhinus latifrons was investigated. Three experimental groups were administered pFSH at various doses and for different treatment lengths, followed by 25 mg porcine luteinising hormone (pLH) 12 h after the last dose of pFSH. Another group was given PMSG followed 72 h later by 25 mg pLH. Animals were killed 24 h after pLH. The left ovary was fixed for histology and the morphology of the antral follicles was determined, whereas follicular oocytes in the right ovary were aspirated, fixed, stained with 4′,6′-diamidino-2-phenylindole, and viewed for nuclear maturation. There was no significant difference in the mean number of ovarian follicles >1 mm, or in the size class of follicles assessed between control and experimental groups. However, a trend was observed suggesting a possible increase in follicles >3.0 mm in experimental groups compared with control animals. In all females administered exogenous porcine gonadotrophins, but not controls, some of the mural granulosa cells of large tertiary antral follicles had markedly enlarged nuclei (approximately 14 µm in diameter). All oocytes from the control group remained at the germinal vesicle stage, whereas approximately 40% of oocytes retrieved from the pFSH groups and 82.4% retrieved from the PMSG-primed animals had undergone germinal vesicle break down, with a small number reaching meiosis II. The present study shows that exogenous administration of either pFSH or PMSG to hairy nosed wombats can induce follicular growth and oocyte maturation. Such findings could be useful in the development of reproductive technology in this species.-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityC. H. McDonald, D. A. Taggart, W. G. Breed, G. V. Druery, G. A. Shimmin, G. R. Finlayson and M. C. J. Paris-
dc.publisherC S I R O Publishing-
dc.subjectOvarian Follicle-
dc.subjectGranulosa Cells-
dc.subjectGonadotropins, Equine-
dc.subjectGonadotropins, Pituitary-
dc.subjectFollicle Stimulating Hormone-
dc.subjectLuteinizing Hormone-
dc.titleEffect of exogenous gonadotrophins on ovarian morphology and oocyte maturation in the southern hairy nosed wombat Lasiohinus latifrons during the breeding season-
dc.typeJournal article-
dc.identifier.orcidTaggart, D. [0000-0001-7251-8018]-
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