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2016Music of and at the time of the Jubilee ExhibitionSzuster, J.
2016George Loder's contribution to musical life in colonial AustraliaSzuster, J.
2015Conference reportSmith, B.
2015Melodrama and tragedy in The Manchurian Candidate (1962)McEntee, J.
201510 Minutes to Midnight: Survival in the atomic ageCrea, T.; Dement, L.; Boylan, J.; Mollison, N.; Harrald, L.; Marwick, D.; Kawano, Y.; Brown, P.; Barkley, E.
2014Tenunan II by Tazul Izan Tajuddin (b. 1969): a case study of cultural confluence in Malaysian contemporary musicGan, P.
2014Consensus and collaboration in the making of the National Recording Project for Indigenous performance in AustraliaCorn, A.; Ford, P.-.L.
2014Cafe ZimmermannAdelaide Baroque; Dollman, E.
2013Engaging history and negotiating national identity with Miki's Concerto Requiem (1981) at the 18th Biennial Festival of Arts in Adelaide, South AustraliaCoaldrake, A.
2013... and on earth, peaceCrossin, C.B.; Beer, P.
2013Piano Lessons (recital)Goldsworthy, A.L.
2013The Virtuoso (recital)Goldsworthy, A.L.
2013The Magic Pudding (opera libretto)Goldsworthy, A.L.
2013Shadow Dreams (Music theatre work for actors, puppetry, video and small orchestra)Koehne, G.J.
2013Fine arts versus decorative arts: the categorization of Japanese arts at the international expositions in Vienna (1873), Paris (1878) and Chicago (1893)Coaldrake, A.
2013Ballade op.23, for symphonic orchestraBodman Rae, J.C.
2013Sextet (Old Kings in Exile)Smart, G.J.; Dean, B.; Veltheim, E.; Hamann, J.; Johnson, R.; Handsworth, P.; Wiering, A.
2013Pozycja Witolda Lutosławskiego W świecieBodman Rae, J.
2013Port Fairy Spring Music Festival 2013: VoyageGoldsworthy, A.L.
2013The Polish musical psyche: from the Second republic into the ThirdBodman Rae, J.