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dc.contributor.authorSamuel, G.-
dc.contributor.authorMiller, D.-
dc.contributor.authorSaint, R.-
dc.identifier.citationEvolution and Development, 2001; 3(4):241-250-
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dc.description.abstractMembers of the TGF-╬▓ superfamily of signaling molecules are widespread in metazoans, but the evolutionary origin of particular subclasses of signaling mechanisms is poorly defined. The DPP/BMP class, for example, is implicated in dorsal-ventral patterning, neural patterning, and limb development. Here we report the presence of several components of a DPP/BMP-specific signal transduction cascade in a nonbilateral animal, the coral Acropora millepora. The discovery of these components, a putative type I receptor and two putative receptor-activated Smads, suggests that DPP/BMP signaling predates both dorsal-ventral pattern formation and limb development. We postulate that an ancestral role in neuroepithelial patterning may account for the high level of conservation between DPP/BMP signaling components found in this nonbilateral animal and the more complex triploblastic organisms of the arthropod and chordate phyla.-
dc.publisherBlackwell Science Inc-
dc.subjectTransforming Growth Factor beta-
dc.subjectDNA-Binding Proteins-
dc.subjectBone Morphogenetic Proteins-
dc.subjectDNA, Complementary-
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dc.titleConservation of a DPP/BMP signaling pathway in the nonbilateral cnidarian Acropora millepora-
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dc.contributor.organisationCentre for the Molecular Genetics of Development-
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