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2017Longitudinal evidence for a midlife nadir in human well-being: results from four data setsCheng, T.; Powdthavee, N.; Oswald, A.
2017Vital factors for Chinese rural development: the reach of the state and lineage identity in villagesGao, C.
2017Product scope and endogenous fluctuationsPavlov, O.; Weder, M.
2017The social orientations and ideologies of UK finance employees at the onset of the Global Financial CrisisCebulla, A.
2017Testing for stochastic dominance in social networksDoko Tchatoka, F.; Garrard, R.; Masson, V.
2017Welfare lower bounds and strategy-proofness in the queueing problemYengin, D.; Chun, Y.
2017Eurasian Economic Union: present and future perspectivesKhitakhunov, A.; Mukhamediyev, B.; Pomfret, R.
2016IYLM: a General Theory-compatible replacement for ISLMRogers, C.; O'Donnell, R.
2016Payroll taxes, social insurance and business cyclesBurda, M.; Weder, M.
2016Impacts of emerging Asia on African and Latin American trade: projections to 2030Anderson, K.; Strutt, A.
2016Mismatch shocks and unemployment during the great recessionFurlanetto, F.; Groshenny, N.
2016Monetary policy and indeterminacy after the 2001 slumpDoko Tchatoka, F.; Groshenny, N.; Haque, Q.G.; Weder, M.
2016Currency union and disunion in Europe and the former Soviet UnionPomfret, R.
2016Pledges of commitment and cooperation in partnershipsDeer, L.; Bayer, R.
2016Logical abilities and behavior in strategic-form gamesBayer, R.; Renou, L.
2016Indeterminacy and learning: an analysis of monetary policy in the Great InflationLubik, T.; Matthes, C.
2016Who sits in Australia's grandstands?Wilson, J.; Siegfried, J.
2016What is the appropriate counterfactual when estimating effects of multilateral trade policy reform?Anderson, K.; Jensen, H.; Nelgen, S.; Strutt, A.
2016A man's blessing or a woman's curse? The family earnings gap of doctorsSchurer, S.; Kuehnle, D.; Scott, A.; Cheng, T.
2016Cooperation and distributive conflictBayer, R.