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2017Longitudinal evidence for a midlife nadir in human well-being: results from four data setsCheng, T.; Powdthavee, N.; Oswald, A.
2017Vital factors for Chinese rural development: the reach of the state and lineage identity in villagesGao, C.
2017Product scope and endogenous fluctuationsPavlov, O.; Weder, M.
2017Testing for stochastic dominance in social networksDoko Tchatoka, F.; Garrard, R.; Masson, V.
2016IYLM: a General Theory-compatible replacement for ISLMRogers, C.; O'Donnell, R.
2016Payroll taxes, social insurance and business cyclesBurda, M.; Weder, M.
2016Cooperation and distributive conflictBayer, R.C.
2016The social orientations and ideologies of UK finance employees at the onset of the Global Financial CrisisCebulla, A.
2016Impacts of emerging Asia on African and Latin American trade: projections to 2030Anderson, K.; Strutt, A.
2016What is the appropriate counterfactual when estimating effects of multilateral trade policy reform?Anderson, K.; Jensen, H.G.; Nelgen, S.; Strutt, A.
2016Who sits in Australia's grandstands?Wilson, J.K.; Siegfried, J.J.
2016A man's blessing or a woman's curse? The family earnings gap of doctorsSchurer, S.; Kuehnle, D.; Scott, A.; Cheng, T.C.
2016Mismatch shocks and unemployment during the great recessionFurlanetto, F.; Groshenny, N.
2016Monetary policy and indeterminacy after the 2001 slumpDoko Tchatoka, F.; Groshenny, N.; Haque, Q.G.; Weder, M.
2016Currency union and disunion in Europe and the former Soviet UnionPomfret, R.
2016Pledges of commitment and cooperation in partnershipsDeer, L.; Bayer, R.
2016Logical abilities and behavior in strategic-form gamesBayer, R.; Renou, L.
2016Indeterminacy and learning: an analysis of monetary policy in the Great InflationLubik, T.; Matthes, C.
2015Food price and trade policy biases: inefficient, inequitable, yet not inevitableAnderson, K.
2015Asia's evolving role in global wine marketsAnderson, K.; Wittwer, G.