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2022Delocalized Spectra of Landau Operators on Helical SurfacesKubota, Y.; Ludewig, M.; Thiang, G.C.
2022T-duality, vertical holonomy line bundles and loop Hori formulaeHan, F.; Mathai, V.
2022Model predictions of wave overwash extent into the marginal ice zonePitt, J.P.A.; Bennetts, L.G.; Meylan, M.H.; Massom, R.A.; Toffoli, A.
2022Modeling total predation to avoid perverse outcomes from cat control in a data-poor island ecosystem.Plein, M.; O'Brien, K.I.R.; Holdenb, M.H.; Adamsa, M.P.; Baker, C.M.; Bean, N.G.; Sisson, S.A.; Bode, M.; Mengersen, K.L.; McDonald-Madden, E.
2022Generalized Ornstein–Uhlenbeck semigroups in weighted Lp-spaces on Riemannian manifoldsMilatovic, O.; Saratchandran, H.
2022Theory, modelling and observations of marginal ice zone dynamics: multidisciplinary perspectives and outlooksBennetts, L.G.; Bitz, C.M.; Feltham, D.L.; Kohout, A.L.; Meylan, M.H.
2022Modelling attenuation of irregular wave fields by artificial ice floes in the laboratoryToffoli, A.; Pitt, J.P.A.; Alberello, A.; Bennetts, L.G.
2022A foliated Hitchin-Kobayashi correspondenceBaraglia, D.; Hekmati, P.
2022Semi-Riemannian Cones with Parallel Null PlanesAlekseevsky, D.; Cortes, V.; Leistner, T.; X International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry (GeLoCor) (1 Feb 2021 - 5 Feb 2021 : Cordoba (Spain))
2022Anomalous transport of a classical wave-particle entity in a tilted potentialValani, R.N.
2022Lorenz-like systems emerging from an integro-differential trajectory equation of a one-dimensional wave–particle entityValani, R.N.
2022Adaptively Detect and Accurately Resolve Macro-scale Shocks in an Efficient Equation-Free Multiscale SimulationMaclean, J.; Bunder, J.E.; Kevrekidis, I.G.; Roberts, A.J.
2022A 1000-year-old case of Klinefelter's syndrome diagnosed by integrating morphology, osteology, and genetics.Roca-Rada, X.; Tereso, S.; Rohrlach, A.B.; Brito, A.; Williams, M.P.; Umbelino, C.; Curate, F.; Deveson, I.W.; Souilmi, Y.; Amorim, A.; Carvalho, P.C.; Llamas, B.; Teixeira, J.C.
2022A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Approximating the Stationary Distribution of Stochastic Fluid-Fluid ProcessesBean, N.; Lewis, A.; Nguyen, G.T.; O'Reilly, M.M.; Sunkara, V.
2022Marginal ice zone dynamics: future research perspectives and pathways.Bennetts, L.G.; Bitz, C.M.; Feltham, D.L.; Kohout, A.L.; Meylan, M.H.
2022Semi-Riemannian conesLeistner, T.; Hervik, S.; Kruglikov, B.; Markina, I.; The, D.; Geometry, Lie Theory and Applications. Abel Symposium 2019 (24 Jun 2019 - 28 Jun 2019 : Alesund, Norway)
2022Bifurcations and Dynamics in Inertial Focusing of Particles in Curved Rectangular DuctsValani, R.N.; Harding, B.; Stokes, Y.M.
2021A two-dimensional asymptotic model for capillary collapseStokes, Y.M.
2021The future of sensitivity analysis: an essential discipline for systems modeling and policy supportRazavi, S.; Jakeman, A.; Saltelli, A.; Prieur, C.; Iooss, B.; Borgonovo, E.; Plischke, E.; Lo Piano, S.; Iwanaga, T.; Becker, W.; Tarantola, S.; Guillaume, J.H.A.; Jakeman, J.; Gupta, H.; Melillo, N.; Rabitti, G.; Chabridon, V.; Duan, Q.; Sun, X.; Smith, S.; et al.
2021A floe size dependent scattering model in two- and three-dimensions for wave attenuation by ice floesMeylan, M.H.; Horvat, C.; Bitz, C.M.; Bennetts, L.G.