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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201110 lessons from 10 years of measuring and modeling the internet's autonomous systemsRoughan, M.; Willinger, W.; Maennel, O.; Perouli, D.; Bush, R.
2009A 'simple' hybrid model for power derivativesLyle, M.; Elliott, R.
2022A 1000-year-old case of Klinefelter's syndrome diagnosed by integrating morphology, osteology, and genetics.Roca-Rada, X.; Tereso, S.; Rohrlach, A.B.; Brito, A.; Williams, M.P.; Umbelino, C.; Curate, F.; Deveson, I.W.; Souilmi, Y.; Amorim, A.; Carvalho, P.C.; Llamas, B.; Teixeira, J.C.
2006A 3-D non-hydrostatic pressure model for small amplitude free surface flowsLee, J.; Teubner, M.; Nixon, J.; Gill, P.
2012A Bayesian approach for optimal reinsurance and investment in a diffusion modelZhang, X.; Elliott, R.; Siu, T.
2010A BEM for time dependent infiltration from an irrigation channelClements, D.; Lobo, M.
2016A bigroupoid's topology (or, Topologising the homotopy bigroupoid of a space)Roberts, D.
1997A boundary element method for a second order elliptic partial differential equation with variable coefficientsAng, W.; Kusuma, J.; Clements, D.
2001A boundary element method for anisotropic inhomogeneous elasticityAzis, M.; Clements, D.
1999A boundary element method for generalized plane thermoelastic deformations of anistropic elastic mediaAng, W.; Clements, D.; Cooke, T.
2003A boundary element method for steady infiltration from periodic channelsAzis, M.; Clements, D.; Lobo, M.
2003A boundary element method for the numerical solution of a class of elliptic boundary value problems for anisotropic inhomogeneous mediaAzis, M.; Clements, D.; Budhi, W.
1999A boundary element method for the solution of a class of steady-state problems for anisotropic mediaClements, D.; Budhi, W.
2014A boundary element method for transient heat conduction problem of nonhomogeneous anisotropic materialsAzis, M.; Clements, D.
2006A boundary integral formulation for the indentation of an anisotropic bi-layered elastic slabAng, W.; Sridhar, I.; Clements, D.; Liu, G.; First International Conference on Computational Methods. (2004 : Singapore)
2011A BSDE approach to a risk-based optimal investment of an insurerElliott, R.; Siu, T.
2012A BSDE approach to convex risk measures for derivative securitiesElliott, R.; Siu, T.
2016A canonical connection on sub-Riemannian contact manifoldsEastwood, M.; Neusser, K.
2002A case study of OSPF behavior in a large enterprise networkShaikh, A.; Isett, C.; Greenberg, A.; Roughan, M.; Gottlieb, J.; Internet Measurement Conference (2002 : Marseilles, France)
2014A characterisation of tangent subplanes of PG(2, q³)Barwick, S.; Jackson, W.