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2003Small- and intermediate-conductance calcium-activated K+ channels provide different facets of endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization in rat mesenteric arteryCrane, G.; Gallagher, N.; Dora, K.; Garland, C.
2016Early cave art and ancient DNA record the origin of European bisonSoubrier, J.; Gower, G.; Chen, K.; Richards, S.; Llamas, B.; Mitchell, K.; Ho, S.; Kosintsev, P.; Lee, M.; Baryshnikov, G.; Bollongino, R.; Bover Arbos, P.; Burger, J.; Chivall, D.; Crégut-Bonnoure, E.; Decker, J.; Doronichev, V.; Douka, K.; Fordham, D.; Fontana, F.; et al.
2012Stochastic formulation of ecological models and their applicationsBlack, A.; McKane, A.
2011Follicle structure influences the availability of oxygen to the oocyte in antral folliclesClark, A.; Stokes, Y.
2018Understanding interactions between populations: individual based modelling and quantification using pair correlation functionsDini, S.; Binder, B.; Green, J.
2008Mathematical modeling of glucose supply toward successful in vitro maturation of mammalian oocytesStokes, Y.; Clark, A.; Thompson, J.
2006Mathematical modelling of oxygen concentration in bovine and murine cumulus-oocyte complexesClark, A.; Stokes, Y.; Lane, M.; Thompson, J.
2004Nxf and Fbxo33: novel seizure-responsive genes in miceFlood, W.; Moyer, R.; Tsykin, A.; Sutherland, G.; Koblar, S.
2006Comment on "On the Regulation of Populations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, and Insects" IIRoss, J.
2009Quantifying oxygen diffusion in paraffin oil used in oocyte and embryo cultureStokes, Y.