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2020Structural and functional characterizations of the C-terminal domains of CzcD proteinsUdagedara, S.R.; La Porta, D.M.; Spehar, C.; Purohit, G.; Hein, M.J.A.; Fatmous, M.E.; Casas Garcia, G.P.; Ganio, K.; McDevitt, C.A.; Maher, M.J.
2020How to choose your research organismDietrich, M.; Ankeny, R.A.; Crowe, N.; Green, S.; Leonelli, S.
2021Age group determines the acceptability of protein derived off-flavourLester, S.; Cornacchia, L.; Corbier, C.; Hurst, K.; Ayed, C.; Taylor, M.A.; Fisk, I.
2021Site specific mutations of GalR affect galactose metabolism in Streptococcus pneumoniaeMcLean, K.T.; Tikhomirova, A.; Brazel, E.B.; Legendre, S.; Haasbroek, G.; Minhas, V.; Paton, J.C.; Trappetti, C.
2020Bmi deficiency causes oxidative stress and intervertebral disc degeneration which can be alleviated by antioxidant treatmentZhang, Q.; Li, J.; Li, Y.; Che, H.; Chen, Y.; Dong, J.; Xian, C.J.; Miao, D.; Wang, L.; Ren, Y.
2020Intracellular accumulation of staphylopine can sensitize Staphylococcus aureus to host-imposed zinc starvation by chelation-independent toxicityGrim, K.P.; Radin, J.N.; Párraga Solórzano, P.K.; Morey, J.R.; Frye, K.A.; Ganio, K.; Neville, S.L.; McDevitt, C.A.; Kehl-Fie, T.E.
2021Scavenging of soluble and immobilized CCL21 by ACKR4 regulates peripheral dendritic cell emigrationBastow, C.R.; Bunting, M.D.; Kara, E.E.; McKenzie, D.R.; Caon, A.; Devi, S.; Tolley, L.; Mueller, S.N.; Frazer, I.H.; Harvey, N.; Condina, M.R.; Young, C.; Hoffmann, P.; McColl, S.R.; Comerford, I.
2020Accelerated loss of hypoxia response in zebrafish with familial Alzheimer's disease-like mutation of Presenilin 1Newman, M.; Moussavi Nik, S.H.; Sutherland, G.T.; Hin, N.; Kim, W.S.; Halliday, G.M.; Jayadev, S.; Smith, C.; Laird, A.; Lucas, C.; Kittipassorn, T.; Peet, D.J.; Lardelli, M.
2021Large metabolic rewiring from small genomic changes between strains of Shigella flexneriDoore, S.M.; Subramanian, S.; Tefft, N.M.; Morona, R.; TerAvest, M.A.; Parent, K.N.
2020High fat diet induced obesity alters endocannabinoid and ghrelin mediated regulation of components of the endocannabinoid system in nodose gangliaChristie, S.; O'Rielly, R.; Li, H.; Wittert, G.; Page, A.