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2001HIV DNA integration during cell-to-cell transmission of infection: evidence for partially integrated DNA structures in acutely infected cellsKok, T.; Li, P.; Burrell, C.
1999Kinetics of early molecular events in duck hepatitis B virus replication in primary duck hepatocytesQiao, M.; Scougall, C.; Duszynski, A.; Burrell, C.
1997Increased recruitment of hematopoietic progenitor cells underlies the ex vivo expansion potential of FLT3 ligandHaylock, D.; Horsfall, M.; Dowse, T.; Ramshaw, T.; Niutta, S.; Protopsaltis, S.; Peng, L.; Burrell, C.; Rappold, I.; Buhring, H.J.; Simmons, P.
1998CD34+ cells and their derivatives contain mRNA for CD4 and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) co-receptors and are susceptible to infection with M- and T-tropic HIV.Carr, J.; Ramshaw, H.; Li, P.; Burrell, C.
2008Human Immunodeficiency Virus type-1 reverse transcriptase exists as post-translationally modified forms in virions and cellsDavis, A.; Carr, J.; Bagley, C.; Powell, J.; Warrilow, D.; Harrich, D.; Burrell, C.; Li, P.
2003Supernatants from dengue virus type-2 infected macrophages induce permeability changes in endothelial cell monolayersCarr, J.; Hocking, H.; Bunting, K.; Wright, P.; Davidson, A.; Gamble, J.; Burrell, C.; Li, P.
2008Immunogenicity of a reduced dose of A/H3N2 in the 2005 southern hemisphere formulation of inactivated split influenza vaccine.Burrell, C.; Booy, R.; Wood, N.; Egan, A.; Taverner, D.; Williams, K.; Liauw, W.; Moskwa, A.; Pepin-Covatta, S.; Saville, M.
1998Further characterization of HIV RNA synthesis early after cell-to-cell transmission infectionKok, T.; Li, P.; Burrell, C.
1998Protective efficacy of DNA vaccines against duck hepatitis B virus infection.Triyatni, M.; Jilbert, A.; Qiao, M.; Miller, D.; Burrell, C.
1974Antibody to hepatitis B antigen in haemophiliacs and their household contactsBurrell, C.; Parker, A.; Ramsay, D.; Proudfoot, E.