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2008Interaction with factor inhibiting HIF-1 defines an additional mode of cross-coupling between the Notch and hypoxia signaling pathwaysZheng, X.; Karttunen, S.; Dias, J.; Zheng, X.; Gradin, K.; Wallis, T.; Hamilton, B.; Gustafsson, M.; Ruas, J.; Wilkins, S.; Bilton, R.; Brismar, K.; Whitelaw, M.; Pereira, T.; Gorman, J.; Ericson, J.; Peet, D.; Lendahl, U.; Poellinger, L.
2009Pre-P Is a Secreted Glycoprotein Encoded as an N-Terminal Extension of the Duck Hepatitis B Virus Polymerase GeneCao, F.; Scougall, C.; Jilbert, A.; Travis, J.
2009Seminiferous tubule transfection in vitro to define post-meiotic gene regulationDanner, S.; Kirchhoff, C.; Ivell, R.
2009Manipulation of cell: Cell contacts and mesoderm suppressing activity direct lineage choice from pluripotent primitive ectoderm-like cells in cultureHughes, J.; Washington, J.; Zheng, Z.; Lau, X.; Yap, C.; Rathjen, P.; Rathjen, J.
2009β integrin tyrosine phosphorylation is a conserved mechanism for regulating talin-induced integrin activationAnthis, N.; Haling, J.; Oxley, C.; Memo, M.; Wegener, K.; Lim, C.; Ginsberg, M.; Campbell, I.
2010Inter-subunit communication and fast gate integrity are important for common gating in hCIC-1Cederholm, J.; Rychkov, G.; Bagley, C.; Bretag, A.
2008Human Immunodeficiency Virus type-1 reverse transcriptase exists as post-translationally modified forms in virions and cellsDavis, A.; Carr, J.; Bagley, C.; Powell, J.; Warrilow, D.; Harrich, D.; Burrell, C.; Li, P.
2005Optimisation of a multipartite human immunodeficiency virus based vector system; control of virus infectivity and large-scale productionKoldej, R.; Cmielewski, P.; Stocker, A.; Parsons, D.; Anson, D.
2011Pharmacological and genetic evaluation of proposed roles of mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase kinase (MEK), extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK), and p90RSK in the control of mTORC1 proteinFonseca, B.; Alain, T.; Finestone, L.; Huang, B.; Rolfe, M.; Jiang, T.; Yao, Z.; Hernandez, G.; Bennett, C.; Proud, C.
2001Maitotoxin activates an endogenous non-selective cation channel and is an effective initiator of the activation of the heterologously expressed hTRPC-1 (transient receptor potential) non-selective cation channel in H4-IIE liver cellsBrereton, H.; Chen, J.; Rychkov, G.; Harland, M.; Barritt, G.