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2004Attaining quality in science education through a teaching-research nexusRoberts, M.; McHolm, D.; McMillen, I.; Buckley, P.; Carmichael, R.; Australian Universities Quality Forum (3rd : 2004 : Adelaide, Australia)
2001Responses of the fetal pituitary-adrenal axis to acute and chronic hypoglycemia during late gestation in the sheepEdwards, L.; Symonds, M.; Warnes, K.; Owens, J.; Butler, T.; Jurisevic, A.; McMillen, I.
2007Hypothalamic input is required for development of normal numbers of thyrotrophs and gonadotrophs but not other anterior pituitary cells in late gestation sheepSzarek, E.; Farrand, K.; McMillen, I.; Young, I.; Houghton, D.; Schwartz, J.
2006Prenatal programming of postnatal obesityMcMillen, I.; Duffield, J.; Muhlhausler, B.; Hodgson, D.; Coe, C.
2001Maternal and placental influences that program the fetus - Experimental findingsRobinson, J.; McMillen, I.; Edwards, L.; Kind, K.; Gatford, K.; Owens, J.
2007Restriction of placental function alters heart development in the sheep fetusMorrison, J.; Botting, K.; Wright, J.; Williams, S.; Thornburg, K.; McMillen, I.
1997Maternal nutrition in late gestation and placental growthSymonds, M.; Heasman, L.; Clarke, L.; Firth, K.; Owens, J.; McMillen, I.
2004Opioid receptor stimulation suppresses the adrenal medulla hypoxic response in sheep by actions on Ca2+ and K+ channelsKeating, D.; Rychkov, G.; Adams, M.; Holgert, H.; McMillen, I.; Roberts, M.
2005Developmental origins of the metabolic syndrome: Prediction, plasticity, and programmingMcMillen, I.; Robinson, J.
2002Perinatal growth and plasma GH profiles in adolescent and adult sheepGatford, K.; Clarke, I.; De Blasio, M.; McMillen, I.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.