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2011Regulation of sphingosine kinase and sphingolipid signalingPitson, S.
2010Coupling of receptor conformation and ligand orientation determine graded activityBruning, J.; Parent, A.; Gil, G.; Zhao, M.; Nowak, J.; Pace, M.; Smith, C.; Afonine, P.; Adams, P.; Katzenellenbogen, J.; Nettles, K.
2008Interaction with factor inhibiting HIF-1 defines an additional mode of cross-coupling between the Notch and hypoxia signaling pathwaysZheng, X.; Karttunen, S.; Dias, J.; Zheng, X.; Gradin, K.; Wallis, T.; Hamilton, B.; Gustafsson, M.; Ruas, J.; Wilkins, S.; Bilton, R.; Brismar, K.; Whitelaw, M.; Pereira, T.; Gorman, J.; Ericson, J.; Peet, D.; Lendahl, U.; Poellinger, L.
2011The Notch ligand Jagged2 promotes lung adenocarcinoma metastasis through a miR-200-dependent pathway in miceYang, Y.; Ahn, Y.; Gibbons, D.; Zang, Y.; Lin, W.; Thilaganathan, N.; Alvarez, C.; Moreira, D.; Creighton, C.; Gregory, P.; Goodall, G.; Kurie, J.
2010Signalling through the RhoGEF pebble in DrosophilaGregory, S.; Lorensuhewa, N.; Saint, R.
2007Functional domains of aquaporin-1: Keys to physiology and targets for drug discoveryYool, A.
2000The grapes checkpoint coordinates nuclear envelope breakdown and chromosome condensationYu, K.; Saint, R.; Sullivan, W.
2010Isoflurane via TGF-β1 release increases caveolae formation and organizes sphingosine kinase signaling in renal proximal tubulesSong, J.; Kim, M.; Park, S.; Chen, S.; Pitson, S.; Lee, H.
2011Understanding the mechanism of insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) receptor activation by IGF-IIAlvino, C.; Ong, S.; McNeil, K.; Delaine, C.; Booker, G.; Wallace, J.; Forbes, B.
2000Untying the Gordian knot of cytokinesis: role of small G proteins and their regulatorsProkopenko, S.; Saint, R.; Bellen, H.