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2016Merozoite antigens of plasmodium falciparum elicit strain-transcending opsonizing immunityHill, D.; Wilson, D.; Sampaio, N.; Eriksson, E.; Ryg-Cornejo, V.; Abby Harrison, G.; Uboldi, A.; Robinson, L.; Beeson, J.; Siba, P.; Cowman, A.; Hansen, D.; Mueller, I.; Schofielda, L.; Adams, J.
2004Identification of the linker histone H1 as a protein kinase Cε-binding protein in vascular smooth muscleZhao, M.; Sutherland, C.; Wilson, D.; Deng, J.; MacDonald, J.; Walsh, M.
2001Bradykinin receptor antagonists attenuate neointimal proliferation postangioplastyYau, L.; Wilson, D.; Werner, J.; Zahradka, P.
2012Malaria parasite signal peptide peptidase is an ER-resident protease required for growth but not for invasionMarapana, D.; Wilson, D.; Zuccala, E.; Dekiwadia, C.; Beeson, J.; Ralph, S.; Baum, J.
2010Complement receptor 1 is the host erythrocyte receptor for Plasmodium falciparum PfRh4 invasion ligandTham, W.; Wilson, D.; Lopaticki, S.; Schmidt, C.; Tetteh-Quarcoo, P.; Barlow, P.; Richard, D.; Corbin, J.; Beeson, J.; Cowman, A.
2015Macrolides rapidly inhibit red blood cell invasion by the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparumWilson, D.; Goodman, C.; Sleebs, B.; Weiss, G.; de Jong, N.; Angrisano, F.; Langer, C.; Baum, J.; Crabb, B.; Gilson, P.; McFadden, G.; Beeson, J.
2010Using an improved phagocytosis assay to evaluate the effect of HIV on specific antibodies to pregnancy-associated malariaAtaide, R.; Hasang, W.; Wilson, D.; Beeson, J.; Mwapasa, V.; Molyneux, M.; Meshnick, S.; Rogerson, S.
2013Vaccination with conserved regions of erythrocyte-binding antigens induces neutralizing antibodies against multiple strains of Plasmodium falciparumHealer, J.; Thompson, J.; Riglar, D.; Wilson, D.; Chiu, Y.; Miura, K.; Chen, L.; Hodder, A.; Long, C.; Hansen, D.; Baum, J.; Cowman, A.
2009Heterogeneity of L- and T-channels in the vasculature: Rationale for the efficacy of combined L- and T-blockadeSmith, C.; Wilson, D.; Turner, S.; Saint, D.; Beltrame, J.
2003The role of RhoA and Rho-associated kinase in vascular smooth muscle contractionSward, K.; Mita, M.; Wilson, D.; Deng, J.; Susnjar, M.; Walsh, M.