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2008How variations in distance affect eyewitness reports and identification accuracyLindsay, R.; Semmler, C.; Weber, N.; Brewer, N.; Lindsay, M.
2010The effect of causal strength on the use of causal and similarity-based information in feature inferenceStephens, R.; Navarro, D.; Dunn, J.; Lee, M.; Conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science (9th : 2009 : Sydney, Australia)
2013Mindfulness training does not reduce inflammatory cytokine levels in chronic tension-type headacheCathcart, S.; Barone, V.; Immink, M.; Proeve, M.; Hayball, J.
2011Humans use different statistics for sequence analysis depending on the taskGokaydin, D.; Ma-Wyatt, A.; Navarro, D.; Perfors, A.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci) (20 Jul 2011 - 23 Jul 2011 : Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
2013Teaching mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to trainee psychologists: qualitative and quantitative effectsHopkins, A.; Proeve, M.
2006Effects of remorse and shame and criminal justice experience on judgements about a sex offenderProeve, M.; Howells, K.
2006Shame and guilt in child molestersProeve, M.; Howells, K.
2011Managing accountability for domestic violence: Identities, membership categories and morality in perpetrators’ talkLe Couteur, A.; Oxlad, M.
2006Specific risk assessment based on victim type in child sexual offendersProeve, M.; Day, A.; Mohr, P.; Hawkins, K.
2009A preliminary examination of specific risk assessment for sexual offenders against childrenProeve, M.