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Type: Patent
Title: Multiple Tag Reading System
Author: Cole, Peter Harold
Issue Date: 1998
Assignee: Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd
School/Discipline: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Contributor: Phillips Ormonde and Fitzpatrick
Statement of
Invented by P. H. Cole; Assigned to Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd; Phillips Ormonde and Fitzpatrick agents for inventor.
Abstract: A system is provided for processing articles in a warehousing or merchandising operation wherein information bearing electronically coded labels are attached to the articles to be processed. The system uses the principle of electromagnetic communication in which an interrogator containing a transmitter generates an electromagnetic signal which is transmitted to electronic labels containing label receiving antennas. The electronic labels are attached to articles as they are processed. Each label antenna receives a proportion of the transmitted energy and operates a reply generation circuit connected either to the label receiving antenna or a separate label reply antenna with the result that an information bearing electromagnetic reply signal is radiated by the label.
Description: PATENT: P. H. Cole (Assignee: Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd). AU 737367 B2 (PCT/AU1998/000017) filed Jan 16, 1998; published Oct 8, 1998; accepted journal date Aug 16, 2001.
Patent #: AU 737367 B2
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