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Type: Patent
Title: Enhanced Range Transponder System
Author: Cole, Peter Harold
Issue Date: 2001
Assignee: Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd
School/Discipline: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Contributor: Larson & Taylor, PLC
Statement of
Invented by P. H. Cole; Assigned to Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd; Larson & Taylor, PLC agents for inventor.
Abstract: An identification and telemetry system including an interrogator (1) containing an interrogator antenna (2) for generating at an interrogation frequency, an interrogtion signal. The interrogation signal is adapted to excite over an electromagnetic coupling path (M1) at least one coded label (3) containing a label antenna (4) and a label microcircuit (5). The coded label is adapted to extract energy from the label antenna and to generate a label reply signal. The label reply signal is adapted to be conveyed to a label reply antenna and, via an electromagnetic coupling path, to a receiver in the interrogator. The label antenna is placed in proximity to a further antenna (6) being a parasitic antenna coupled electromagnetically (M2, M3) with the interrogator antenna and with the label antenna so as to enhance transfer of power between the interrogator and the coded label.
Description: PATENT: P. H. Cole (Assignee: Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd). US 6172608 (PCT/AU1997/000385) filed Dec 18, 1998; published Jan 9, 2001; predicted expiry Jun 18, 2017.
Patent #: US 6172608
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