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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20082008, annee utopique : Fourier et son heritageFornasiero, F.
201625 février 1830. La première d’HernaniFornasiero, F.
2014Accumulation and archives: Sophie Calle’s Prenez soin de vousEdwards, N.
2013The acquisitive eye? French observations in the Pacific from Bougainville to BaudinFornasiero, F.; West-Sooby, J.
2011Acting, Performance and the Bressonian Impulse in Haneke's FilmsMcCann, B.
2015Annie Ernaux's phototextual archives: Ecrire la vieEdwards, N.
2010Anselme Ricard : lettres d'AustralieHambly, P.
2004An appetite for discovery: The culinary adventures of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders in Terra Australis, 1800-1804Fornasiero, F.; West-Sooby, J.
2013Armed with fruit-knives: Transgression in Australian women's modernist still-lifesLloyd, R.
2015Art and origin: Bataille and Blanchot's return to LascauxPoiana, P.
2015An artist in the making: The early drawings of Charles-Alexandre Lesueur during the Baudin expedition to AustraliaWest-Sooby, J.
2002The Artists of the Baudin Expedition: Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit (Translated from J. Bonnemains)Fornasiero, F.
2014Autofiction in the dock: The case of Christine AngotEdwards, N.
2003Autour de Michele le DoeuffFornasiero, F.; Sankey, M.
1996D'autres réflexions sur un colloque discret qui commence à faire parler de luiFornasiero, F.
2006Aux origines du roman criminel: Eugène Sue et les mystères de la SeineFornasiero, F.; West-Sooby, J.
2013Babykillers: Véronique Olmi and Laurence Tardieu on MotherhoodEdwards, N.
2004The Baudin Expedition 1800-1804: Texts, Contexts and SubtextsFornasiero, F.; Sankey, M.; Cowley, P.
2004The Baudin Expedition in Review: Old Quarrels and New ApproachesFornasiero, F.
2002Baudin's booksFornasiero, F.; West-Sooby, J.