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Type: Journal article
Title: Status of the LIGO detectors
Author: Abbott, B.
Abbott, R.
Adhikari, R.
Agresti, J.
Ajith, P.
Allen, B.
Amin, R.
Anderson, S.
Anderson, W.
Arain, M.
Araya, M.
Armandula, H.
Ashley, M.
Aston, S.
Aufmuth, P.
Aulbert, C.
Babak, S.
Ballmer, S.
Bantilan, H.
Barish, B.
et al.
Citation: Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2006; 23(8):S51-S56
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Issue Date: 2006
ISSN: 0264-9381
Contributor: Brooks, Aidan Francis
Hosken, David John
Mudge, Damien Troy
Munch, Jesper
Ottaway, David J.
Veitch, Peter John
Statement of
Daniel Sigg (for the LIGO Science Collaboration)
Abstract: All three LIGO detectors have reached sensitivities within a factor of 2 of design over a wide range of frequencies. A sky-averaged detection range (SNR > 8) of more than 10 Mpc for inspiral binary neutron stars with masses of 1.4 Msol has been achieved with the best instrument. The fourth LIGO science run taking data for 30 days has been completed earlier this year with a triple coincidence duty cycle greater than 50%. A commissioning effort to scale up the cavity powers to design sensitivity as well as preparations for an extended science run is underway. The data from the first two science runs were fully analysed and results are summarized.
Description: Members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Aidan Brooks, David Hosken, Damien Mudge, Jesper Munch, David Ottaway, Peter Veitch
Rights: © Institute of Physics and IOP Publishing Limited 2006.
RMID: 0020063628
DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/23/8/S07
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