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Type: Journal article
Title: The passage of potato leafroll virus through Myzus persicae gut membrane regulates transmission efficiency.
Author: Rouze-Jouan, J.
Terradot, Laurent
Pasquer, F.
Tanguy, S.
Giblot-Ducray, Daniele Marie-Jeanne
Citation: Journal of General Virology, 2001; 82(1):17-23
Publisher: Society for General Microbiology
Issue Date: 2001
ISSN: 0022-1317
School/Discipline: School of Agriculture, Food and Wine : Agricultural and Animal Science
Statement of
J. Rouzé-Jouan, L. Terradot, F. Pasquer, S. Tanguy, and D. Giblot Ducray-Bourdin
Abstract: Potato leafroll virus (PLRV) is transmitted by aphids in a persistent manner. Although virus circulation within the aphid leading to transmission has been well characterized, the mechanisms involved in virus recognition at aphid membranes are still poorly understood. One isolate in our collection (PLRV-14.2) has been shown to be non- or only poorly transmitted by some clones of aphids belonging to the Myzus persicae complex. To determine where the transmission process was blocked within the aphid, three virus transmission procedures were used. PLRV-14.2 could not be transmitted, or was only very poorly transmitted, after acquisition from infected plants or from purified preparations. In contrast, it could be transmitted with more than 70% efficiency when microinjected. Therefore, it is concluded that the gut membrane was a barrier regulating passage of PLRV particles from the gut lumen into the haemocoel of M. persicae. Comparison of coat protein (CP) and readthrough protein (RTP) sequences between poorly and readily transmissible isolates showed that PLRV-14.2 differed from other PLRV isolates by amino acid changes in both of these proteins. It is hypothesized that at least some of the changes found in CP and/or RTP reduced virus recognition by aphid gut receptors, resulting in reduced acquisition and subsequent transmission of PLRV-14.2.
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