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2015FDI liberalisation, free trade agreements and greater regionalism in Asia and ASEANThangavelu, S.; Findlay, C.; Lim, H.
2013FDI, financial constraints and productivity: firm-level study in VietnamThangavelu, S.; Findlay, C.; Chongvilaivan, A.
2014Foreign talent and their impact on the Singapore economy: Impact of foreign workers on economic growth of Singapore economyThangavelu, S.
2013Globalization, outsourcing and labour development in ASEANThangavelu, S.; Chongvilaivan, A.
2014Human capital, FTAs and foreign direct investment flows into ASEANThangavelu, S.; Narjoko, D.
2017Labour market integration with the world: case of SingaporeThangavelu, S.
2006Letter to the Editors responding to Gould - Article in Journal issue no. 26Stoler, Andrew Lynn
2019Local government efficiency: determinants and spatial interdependenceBalaguer-Coll, M.T.; Brun-Martos, M.I.; Marquez-Ramos, L.; Prior, D.
2012Natural disasters and Asia: introductionAbe, S.; Thangavelu, S.M.
2016Port facilities, regional spillovers and exports: empirical evidence from SpainMárquez-Ramos, L.
2014Productivity and learning-by-exporting: a firm-level analysis of Indian manufacturingPattnayak, S.; Thangavelu, S.
2015Relationship between logistics infrastructure and trade: evidence from Spanish regional exportsBensassi, S.; Márquez-Ramos, L.; Martínez-Zarzoso, I.; Suárez-Burguet, C.
2015The relationship between trade and sustainable transport: a quantitative assessment with indicators of the importance of environmental performance and agglomeration externalitiesMárquez-Ramos, L.
2015Revisiting the effect of trade preferences granted to Morocco in the light of an export-oriented approach for food securityMarquez-Ramos, L.; Martinez-Gomez, V
2014Services productivity and trade liberalization: case of ASEANThangavelu, S.; Lili Yang; Urata, Shujiro; The 14th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association (EAEA) (01 Nov 2014 - 02 Nov 2014 : Bangkok, Thailand)
2016Servicification and global value chain in Asia empirical analysisThangavelu, S.; Wang, Wenxiao; Our, Sothea; The 15th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association (EAEA) (05 Nov 2016 - 06 Nov 2016 : Bundung, Indonesia)
2018Servicification in global value chains: Comparative analysis of selected Asian countries with OECDThangavelu, S.; Wang, W.; Oum, S.
2017Servicification in global value chains: the case of Asian countriesThangavelu, S.; Wang, W.; Oum, S.
2017SME Participation in ASEAN and East Asian Integration: The Case of CambodiaThangavelu, S.; Sothea Oum; Samean Neak
2013Trade facilitation in ASEAN and ASEAN+1 FTAS: An analysis of provisions and progressPellan, Marie Isabelle; Wong, Marn-Heong