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Type: Journal article
Title: Mapping of the bovine blood group systems J, N', R', and Z show evidence for oligo-genetic inheritance
Author: Thomsen, H.
Reinsch, N.
Xu, N.
Looft, C.
Grupe, S.
Kuhn, C.
Brockmann, G.
Schwerin, M.
Leyhe-Horn, B.
Hiendleder, S.
Erhardt, G.
Medjugorac, I.
Russ, I.
Forster, M.
Brenig, B.
Reinhardt, F.
Reents, R.
Blumel, J.
Averdunk, G.
Kalm, E.
Citation: Animal Genetics, 2002; 33(2):107-117
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Issue Date: 2002
ISSN: 0268-9146
Abstract: Genes determining the bovine erythrocyte antigens were mapped by linkage analysis. In total 9591 genotypes of 20 grandsire families with 1074 sires from a grand-daughter design were elucidated for the genes determining the erythrocyte antigens EAA, EAB, EAC, EAF, EAJ, EAL, EAM, EAN', EAR', EAS, EAT', and EAZ according to standard paternity testing procedures in the blood typing laboratories. Linkage analyses were performed with 248 microsatellite markers, eight SSCP markers and four polymorphic proteins and enzymes covering the 29 autosomes and the pseudoautosomal region of the sex chromosomes. The number of informative meioses for the blood group systems ranged from 76 to 947. Blood group systems EAM and EAT' were non-informative. Most of the erythrocyte antigen loci showed significant linkage to a single chromosome and were mapped unequivocally. The genes determining erythrocyte antigen EAA, EAB, EAC, EAL, and EAS were mapped to chromosomes 15, 12, 18, 3, and 21, respectively. Lod-score values ranged from 11.43 to 107.83. Moreover, the EAF system could be mapped to chromosome 17. However, the EAN' system previously known as part of the EAF system could be mapped to chromosome 5. In addition, the blood group systems EAJ, the new EAN', EAR', and EAZ, showed significant linkage to microsatellite markers on various chromosomes and also to other blood groups. The appearance of a single blood group system might be therefore either dependent on the existence of other blood group systems or because of an interaction between different loci on various chromosomes as is known in humans and in pigs.
Keywords: Bovine blood group system; erythrocyte antigen; grand-daughter design; linkage map
RMID: 0020065600
DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2052.2002.00836.x
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