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Type: Conference paper
Title: Ensuring the robustness of internet routing
Author: Maennel, Olaf Manuel
Uhlig, S.
Citation: WIRED: Workshop on Internet Routing Evolution and Design
Issue Date: 2006
Conference Name: Workshop on Internet Routing Evolution and Design (2006 : Georgia, Atlanta)
School/Discipline: School of Mathematical Sciences
Abstract: Internet routing is probably the largest scale distributed calculation made on our planet. Its computation is based on routing protocols whose dynamics has been observed to be highly complex, and not well understood [1]. However, before trying to design new routing protocols we should understand and debug the existing ones. As a step towards improving the robustness of our routing system, we propose to first obtain an accurate picture of interdomain routing behavior. To achieve that we focus on developing an open source “BGP monitor and alarm system”. In this position paper we argue that researchers and operators should work together on a joint set of tools that are capable of monitor the routing plane constantly.
RMID: 0020065754
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