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2015Apprenticeships in homelessness: a quantitative studyCebulla, A.; Goodwin-Smith, I.
2010Australia, the healthiest nation: death, hospital and cost savings of the Preventative Health Taskforce target reductions for alcohol, 2007 to 2020Chikritzhs, T.; Whetton, S.; Daube, M.; Pascal, R.; Evans, M.
2016Disability, and social and economic inclusion: who is in and out of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme?Cebulla, A.; Zhu, R.
2004Drug and alcohol use as barriers to employment: a review of the literatureSutton, L.; Heaver, C.; Cebulla, A.; Smith, N.; UK Department for Work and Pensions
2004Drugs and alcohol as barriers to employment : final reportCebulla, A.; Heaver, C.; Smith, N.; Sutton, L.; UK Department for Work and Pensions
2009Educational attainment of blind and partially sighted pupilsChanfreau, J.; Cebulla, A.; Royal National Institute of Blind People
2008Feeling able to influence local decision making; understanding, barriers, facilitators and strategies for increasing empowermentKotecha, M.; Graham, J.; Cebulla, A.; UK Department for Communities and Local Government
2002From job seekers to job keepers: job retention, advancement and the role of in-work support programmesKellard, K.; Adelman, L.; Cebulla, A.; Heaver, C.; UK Department for Work and Pensions Research Report No.170
2000Monitoring the quality of life: A public policy tool for small regional economies facing globalisationO'Neil, M.; International Conference on Quality of Life in Cities (2nd : 2000 : Singapore)
1997One Clear Objective: Poverty Reduction through Sustainable DevelopmentSimons, Paul; Hart, Gaye; Walsh, Cliff
1998Opportunities Out of Kyoto: The Economic Impact of Climate Change Policy on South AustraliaCoombs, G. J.; Lindsay, S. A.
2009Profiling london's rough sleepers: a longitudinal analysis of CHAIN dataCebulla, A.; Rice, B.; Tomaszewski, W.; Hough, J.; Savage, T.; Broadway Homelessness and Support
2005Report on a meta-analysis of US welfare-to-work programsGreenberg, D.; Cebulla, A.; Bouchet, S.; US Department of Health and Human Services
2006Risk perception and the presentation of self: Reflections from fieldwork on riskSmith, N.; Cebulla, A.; Cox, L.; Davis, A.
2009Risky behaviour and social activitiesCebulla, A.; Tomaszewki, W.; Department for Children, Schools and Families
2010Spotlight on refugee integration: findings from the Survey of New Refugees in the United KingdomCebulla, A.; Daniel, M.; Zurawan, A.; UK Home Office
2006Student income and expenditure survey 2004/05Finch, S.; Jones, A.; Parfrement, J.; Cebulla, A.; Connor, H.; Hillage, J.; Pollard, E.; Tyers, C.; Hunt, W.; Loukas, G.; UK Department for Education and Skills
2000The Birdwood Classic: A classic car rally for the car enthusiasts and othersMolloy, J.; Kirchner, K.; Michael, D.; Peak Performance in Tourism and Hospitality Research Program (2 Feb 2000 : Victoria, Australia)
2008The influence of gaming expenditure on crime rates in South Australia: A local area empirical investigationWheeler, S.; Round, D.; Sarre, R.; O'Neil, M.
2008The new deal for lone parents, lone parent work-focused interviews and working families tax credit - a review of impactsCebulla, A.; Flore, G.; Greenberg, D.; UK Department for Work and Pensions