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Type: Thesis
Title: A critical analysis of the assessment of overseas - qualified nurses
Author: Wickett, Diane
Issue Date: 2006
School/Discipline: School of Population Health and Clinical Practice
Abstract: Policies underpinning the processes used by nurse regulatory authorities to assess overseas - qualified nurses ( OQNs ) vary from country to country. Some countries ' policies are to undertake paper - based assessments of nurses ' initial and post registration education and experience, while others require all nurses to undertake a generic examination. How these policies were developed and why, were pivotal questions in this study. The aim of the study was, to critically analyse the policy development and policies relating to assessment of overseas - qualified nurses in thirteen nurse regulatory authorities from Australia and overseas. Using Critical Social Theory as the theoretical underpinning a critical policy analysis was undertaken. Data was obtained from policies and procedures, interviews, organisational websites, annual reports and Nurses Acts. The process of development of these policies and procedures was analysed using Bridgman and Davis ' policy cycle. The study revealed that only one organisation used a framework to develop policies on the assessment of OQNs. Policy analysis in most organisations was based on anecdotal evidence and experiential knowledge of Board staff. No organisation had conducted research on whether overseas - qualified nurses were competent to practice following a paper - based assessment or an examination. This study demonstrated that policies used to assess OQNs were not developed from an evidence - based perspective. This highlights the need to undertake internationally collaborative research on the evaluation of current policies, in order to develop future policies that determine the competence of a nurse to practice in another country.
Advisor: McCutcheon, Helen
Magarey, Judy
Dissertation Note: Thesis (Ph.D.)--School of Population Health and Clinical Practice, 2006.
Subject: Nursing Study and teaching.
Nursing schools Accreditation.
Foreign study.
Keywords: nursing Australia, medical education
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