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Type: Thesis
Title: [Works on the Australian Aborigines by Charles P. Mountford]
Other Titles: Aboriginal paintings from Australia
Records of the American-Australian scientific expedition to Arnhem Land. Vol. 1, Art, myth and symbolism
Ayers Rock : its people, their beliefs and their art
Conception beliefs of the Australian Aborigines [manuscript]
Nomads of the Australian desert [manuscript]
Rainbow serpent myths of Australia
Tiwi : their art, myth and ceremony
Winbaraku and the myth of Jarapiri
Author: Mountford, Charles P. (Charles Pearcy), 1890-1976
American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land (1948)
International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (9th : 1973 : Chicago, Ill.)
Publisher: 1976
Issue Date: 1976
Abstract: A collection of monographs, created by a dedicated amateur ethnologist and anthropologist. Mountford developed his appreciation of Australian Aboriginal people and their customs, beliefs and art over many years of expeditions, making it his life's work. Although he didn't receive formal qualifications until later in life, Mountford conducted numerous expeditions to central Australia and Arnhem Land, including north east Arnhem Land. He was determined to record Aboriginal culture.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (D.Litt.)--University of Adelaide, 1976
Subject: American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land 1948.
Anthropology Northern Territory Arnhem Land.
Aboriginal Australians Social life and customs.
Aboriginal Australians Rites and ceremonies.
Aboriginal Australians Religion.
Aboriginal Australians Northern Territory Arnhem Land Art.
Art, Australian Northern Territory Arnhem Land Aboriginal artists.
Bark painting Northern Territory Arnhem Land
Aboriginal Australians Northern Territory Ayers Rock.
Pitjantjatjara (Australian people)
Conception Mythology.
Mythology, Aboriginal Australian.
Aboriginal Australians Folklore.
Serpents (in religion, folk-lore, etc.)
Rainbow serpent.
Tiwi (Australian people)
Description: Collective title supplied by cataloguer.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Charles Pearcy Mountford (1890-1976), OBE, Dip. Anthrop. (Cantab), MA (Adel.), D. Litt (Melbourne and Adelaide), was an ethnologist and anthropologist who advanced from amateur status to become an important figure in the field of anthropology in Australia. He was born at Hallett in 1890. His field work was conducted in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory from 1925-1963. His published works were based on the journals and photographs he made on these expeditions. Mountford was a founding member, and later president of the Anthropological Society of SA; and founder of the Australian Anthropological Society in 1936.
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