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Type: Thesis
Title: Pulmonary perfusion and inhalation scanning : a hospital population study with particular reference to pulmonary embolism
Author: Cook, David Julian
Issue Date: 1972
School/Discipline: Dept. of Medicine
Abstract: The two purposes of this project were: 1. to improve the efficiency of the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism by the use of radionuclides, and 2. To investigate the incidence of pulmonary embolism, especially subclinical embolism in various hospital populations. 1. Improved detection. At various stages use was made of the following techniques: (a) Rectilinear scanning following administration of iodine labelled macroaggregates ((131)I MAA). (b) Blood flow studies following the administration of sodium pertechnetate (Na (99m)Tc04), and comparison with (a). (c) Rectilinear scanning or scintillation camera study following administration of technetium labelled macroaggregates ((99m)T c MAFH) • (d) Inhalation scanning - development of new techniques employing aerosols of sodium pertechnetate or indium chloride. (e) Routine serial pulmonary perfusion scanning and the investigation of abnormal findings by combined inhalation/ perfusion scanning techniques. 2. Application of these techniques to clinical situations. the foregoing technique s were used in the following clinical situation s to determine the incidence and nature of pulmonary perfusion and ventilation abnormalities in these groups: (a) A prospective survey of medical inpatients; (b) A prospective survey of surgical inpatients; and (c) A group of normal volunteers. The five chapters which make up this thesis comprise: I General Introduction II Historical Introduction III Subjects, Materials and Methods of Study IV Prospective Surveys of Medical and Surgical Subjects V "Selected" Series The discussion relating to the results obtained in each section has been included at the end of the relevant chapter.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (M.D.)--University of Adelaide, Dept. of Medicine, 1973
Subject: Pulmonary embolism Diagnosis.
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