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Type: Thesis
Title: Studies in comparative physiology : a collection submitted for the degree of Doctor of Science in the University of Adelaide / Roger S. Seymour.
Author: Seymour, Roger Scott
Issue Date: 1999
School/Discipline: Dept. of Environmental Biology
Abstract: Most of the research concerns amphibians and reptiles. The publications are loosely classified into eight categories: Diving physiology of reptiles; Haemadynamics and blood pressure regulation; Respiratory and cardiovascular physiology of vertebrates; Respiration and metabolism of vertebrate embryos; Animal energetics; Activity and exercise physiology; Temperature relations; and, Thermogenic plants. The majority of the research was supported by grants from the Australian Research Grants Committee and the Australian Research Council.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (D.Sc.)--University of Adelaide, Dept. of Environmental Biology, 1999
Subject: Physiology, Comparative.
Description: Includes bibliographical references.
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Title page, contents and abstract only. The complete thesis in print form is available from the University Library.
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