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2021Series 12.12: Ms paper on relative rates of reproductionFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.11: Ms draft of Chapters I-IV for work on evolutionFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.16: Brief ms draft letter/address to the Eugenics Society in London towards the setting up of Rockefeller Institute of Hygiene in London(?)Fisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.3: 'Eugenics and political theory'Fisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.9: 'The barbarians of Arabia' (ms)Fisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.5: Untitled paper on barbarous versus civilised societiesFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.14 Ms notes from 'A history of Egypt' by E. Wallis Budge and other notesFisher, Ronald Aylmer; Budge, E. Wallis
2021Series 12.4: 'Memorandum on the policy of the Eugenics Society with respect to the professions and trade unions.' Includes an associated address headed 'Filed under national Union of Scientific Workers' - written while at RothamsteadFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2021Series 12.10: Various notesFisher, Ronald Aylmer
2016List of R.A. Fisher's Collected papers-
2016List of R.A. Fisher's Collected papers available on D-space-
22-Sep-2015Order of Service booklet from Fisher's funeral-
22-Sep-2015Photograph of Fisher's grave-
26-Aug-2015Bibliography of Fisher's Personal Library-
26-Aug-2015Bibliography of the Publications-
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