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2016Analytical assessment of a novel rotating fluidized bed solar reactor for steam gasification of char particlesLu, Z.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.
2017Comparing the thermodynamic potential of alternative liquid metal oxides for the storage of solar thermal energySilakhori, M.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.
2011Current trends in the application of atmospheric plasma for the improvement of wind turbine efficiency through separation controlCheong, M.; Arjomandi, M.; International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists (15th : 2011 : Adelaide, Australia)
2012Investigation into the effect of electrode angle on force production of a dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuatorGreig, A.; Cheong, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Birzer, C.; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aerospace Sciences Meeting Including The New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition (50th : 2012 : Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.)
2007Influence of the vortex angle on the efficiency of the Ranque-Hilsch vortexArjomandi, M.; Xue, Y.; International Symposium on Fluid Control Measurement and Visualization (FLUECOME) (17 Sep 2007 - 19 Sep 2007 : Tallahassee, USA)
20094+1>3+2?Kestell, C.; Arjomandi, M.; Dally, B.; Grainger, S.; Blazewicz, A.; Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference (20th : 2009 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2017Optimisation of the size and cost of heliostats in a concentrating solar thermal power tower plantEmes, M.; Ghanadi, F.; Arjomandi, M.; Kelso, R.; The European Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment 2017 (ECSEE2017) (07 Jul 2017 - 09 Jul 2017 : Brighton, UK)
2016Integral length scales in a low-roughness atmospheric boundary layerEmes, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Kelso, R.; Ghanadi, F.; 18th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop (06 Jul 2016 - 08 Jul 2016 : McLaren Vale, South Australia)
2012Effects of spacing between wind turbines on blade dynamic stallChoudhry, A.; Mo, J.; Arjomandi, M.; Kelso, R.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (18th : 2012 : Launceston, Tasmania)
2012Experimental study of the thermal separation in a vortex tubeXue, Y.; Arjomandi, M.; Kelso, R.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (18th : 2012 : Launceston, Tasmania)