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1996Advanced modelling of the fatigue of butt-welded structures : a thesis / by Ninh T. Nguyen.Nguyen, Ninh T.
1989The automated visual inspection and grading of timberSobey, Peter J. M.
1997Design and structural modifications of vibratory systems to achieve prescribed modal spectra / Dmitri D. Sivan.Sivan, Dmitri D.
2001Design of dynamic cellular manufacturing systems / by Mirko M. Bajic.Bajic, Mirko M.
1952Effect of acoustic vibration on the combustion of pulverised coal in a gas turbine type metal combustorSingh, Rajendra
1979The effects of internal flow disturbances on the vibration response of and the acoustic radiation from pipesNorton, Michael Peter
1988The enhanced mixing burnerNathan, Graham
1981Experimental investigation on the effects of chemical heat release in the reacting turbulent plane shear layerWallace, Allan Kenneth
1983Experimental study on the effects of density, Mach number and geometry on the large scale structure in a turbulent jet and its radiated noise / by Lee Hock SengLee, Hock Seng
1995Fluid dynamic means of varying the thrust vector from an axisymmetric nozzle / submitted by Steven Slavko Vidakovic.Vidakovic, Steven Slavko
1991A fundamental study of active noise control system design / Scott D. SnyderSnyder, Scott D.
1997The generation of large-scale structures by jet precession / David Scott Nobes.Nobes, David Scott
1996Generic methodology for developing a non standard-specific rationalised information flow and storage system for computer-based manufacturing / by Henry C.W. Lau.Lau, Henry C. W.
1966Hydrojet ducted propulsion systems : impeller induced vibratory pressures and performance characteristicsHale, Malcolm Robert
1982In situ determination of the loss factors for simple multi-modal structures / by Alain RemontRemont, Alain
1996The independent quadratic optimisation algorithm for the active control of noise and vibration / Neil C. Mackenzie.Mackenzie, Neil C.
1994Influence of error sensor and control source configuration and type upon the performance of active noise control systems / Anthony C. Zander.Zander, Anthony Charles
2001Intensity error sensing in the active control of free field sound radiation / Robert Keohler.Koehler, Robert
1969An investigation into the characteristics of tapered and stepped land hydrostatic journal bearingsCarpenter, Allan Lloyd
1971An investigation into the development of laminar natural convection in heated vertical ductsDyer, James Ross